Here's the rub on...

Our Anti-Chafing Crusade

Our Mission

At Thigh Society, we give women the freedom to wear what they want, in comfort, and love their bodies at any size.

We are dedicated to helping women dress with confidence and free of body shame. Whether you're looking for modesty or chafing protection, we never suggest that you squeeze into gut-wrenching undergarments to look and feel beautiful.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Our shorts are proudly made in Canada. Our designers and knitters have decades of experience developing intimates and high-performance clothing, giving us a leading edge in producing world-class products. No other slip shorts have the same wicking properties, signature fit and feel. We've sourced the best yarns and thread to knit high-quality slip shorts made to last that won’t fail you in your time of need.

Our Founder

Hi there! I’m Marnie - that’s me in the photo - and I used to suffer from chub rub.

I love wearing breezy skirts and dresses - especially in the summer - but with the heat and humidity, my thighs would rub together and the resulting fiery rash was UN-FREAKIN-BEARABLE.

I was tired of cutting my tights and leggings, wearing bike shorts or men’s boxer briefs, and hated squeezing into suffocating shapewear or hosiery. Powders, creams and gels only helped for 10 minutes, and needed to be carried around re-applied constantly. What did a girl have to do just to get some decent thigh coverage?!

That's when I created Thigh Society: stretchy, long leg underwear that feel like a second skin to keep you dry and protected from morning till night. 

I hope you’ll join us on our anti-chafing crusade and mission to help women be body confident at any shape and size.

Our Mantra

If we added up all of the minutes that we spend being critical of our bodies and, instead, turn that time into something positive - imagine the possibilities!

We asked these women to share their body positive stories - which are almost as touching as our thighs:

What does a body positive world look like to you?

The ideal body positive world would be a world in which every young girl and woman is reflected in the media in a very positive way that inspires and encourages them to stay true to themselves.

— Winifred

Can you share some of your body love advice?

I've got 99 blessings and my curves are 1 of them! Do the universe a favour - don’t hide your magic. Happiness isn't ‘out there’...It's IN you! Never forget how rare you are.

— Latoya

Tell us about your journey to body acceptance

In my teens, I struggled with disordered eating and over training. As a result, I had poor self esteem, distorted body image and suffered with depression. The road to recovery included re-building my relationship with food and fitness. The two things that were once used for self-punishment are now part of loving myself and my body.

— Reena

What does being body confident mean to you?

We are all a work in progress. When we can love, live, learn and lead in the skin we are in, that's body confidence. It's a journey and we're all on this path together!

— Aisha