More reasons to love our slip shorts.

Three inspiring women, each with a unique medical history, share how our slip shorts make their lives a little easier.

Here are their stories:

Leesa is wearing Staple - Long 9” Leesa is wearing Staple - Long 9”

Leesa is wearing Staple - Long 9”

Meet Leesa

Leesa lives with Multiple Sclerosis, a central nervous system disease that has led to her rely on a wheelchair. Despite this, Leesa is an actor, model, and passionate advocate for the inclusion of talent with disabilities in the arts and media. She is a community leader and consultant who continues to promote accessibility and change in the entertainment industry.
For Leesa and many people like her, wheelchairs bring a unique set of challenges, including the struggle of modesty protection while sitting with her legs uncrossed. So when Leesa has a pair of Thigh Society slip shorts on underneath her skirts or dresses, she's confident knowing she’s covered.

For Leesa, our slip shorts:

Free her from worrying about flashing any unwanted bits

Wick sweat and moisture to keep her dry on hot days

Are super soft and stretchy for all-day comfort

Can double as underwear, making it easier to dress with reduced mobility

"These slip shorts allow me to wear dresses without the fear of showing what's underneath, and they’re so comfortable!”

Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn lives with VACTERL Syndrome, a non-random association of birth defects that affect multiple parts of the body. Despite the complications she’s had since birth, Kaitlyn is an athlete who’s run marathons, and a patient advocate who amplifies the voices of children and their families in the healthcare system.
With sensitive abdominal scars and 2 ostomies as the result of 52 abdominal surgeries throughout her life, Kaitlyn uses her Thigh Society slip shorts as a comfortable, form-fitting layer between her abdomen and her clothes.

For Kaitlyn, our slip shorts:

Add a secure barrier between her skin and fabric, protecting her clothes from ostomy drainage

Pull moisture from her skin, keeping her dry and comfortable during her workouts

Holds her ostomy in place without squeezing

"I have a love for fashion and designer clothing, but my ostomies often have drainage. Thigh Society slip shorts protect my clothes from damage and staining.”

Kaitlyn is wearing Cooling - Mid 7 Kaitlyn is wearing Cooling - Mid 7 Kaitlyn is wearing Cooling - Mid 7

Kaitlyn is wearing Cooling - Mid 7"

Buvani is wearing Cooling - Mid 7 Buvani is wearing Cooling - Mid 7 Buvani is wearing Cooling - Mid 7

Buvani is wearing Cooling - Mid 7"

Meet Buvani

Buvani was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare bone disease that’s left her with raised scars on her upper thighs from multiple surgeries. Assistive technology like crutches & orthotic braces have allowed her to live her best life, which includes amplifying women's leadership in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and being an impassioned advocate for accessibility and inclusion.
Though her scars are healed, wearing jeans and pants can still irritate Buvani’s skin. Too often, rough fabric rubs and chafes against her scars while walking, resulting in dry and sometimes bleeding skin. This painful problem is eliminated when she wears her Thigh Society slip shorts underneath.

For Buvani, our slip shorts:

Prevents rough materials from chafing her scars

Keeps her confident, secure and covered when her crutches pull up her skirt

Are lightweight and breathable, making the extra layer a breeze

Never squeeze her, so she doesn’t even notice they’re on

"These shorts are really comfy and smooth, and I barely feel like I'm wearing them. They’re amazing not only under skirts and dresses but also with jeans when I'm walking all day."

I already have so many additions to my body, the shorts just feel like a part of me”


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