Breathe a Thigh of Relief 

Thigh Society moisture wicking slip shorts to the rescue! No more painful chafing and rash when your thighs rub together.

Goodbye chafing, hello comfort. Our breathable, lightweight, ultra stretchy & comfy undie shorts are NOT shapewear and hug your curves like a second skin. Available in sizes XS-6XL because chafing isn't about weight (say it louder for the people in the back!)

Thighnally, an anti-chafing & modesty solution that works. No ride up, no digging, no rolling, no panty lines. Your search for the perfect base layer under skirts, dresses, shorts and pants is finally O-V-E-R!

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The Original

Sweat wicking, light, breathable 360° stretchy comfort fabric

Smooth, soft & fully opaque, so your bits are totally covered

Wear them as shorts or under clothes in all seasons

Non-restrictive smoothing

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The Cooling

Sweat wicking, ultra-light, breathable super stretchy 360° comfort fabric

Silky smooth, satiny soft & semi-sheer coverage for a barely there feeling

Cooling yarn lowers body temperature when the heat rises

Non-restrictive light smoothing

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Thigh Saving Slip Shorts

The more you sweat, the harder they work

We've Got You Covered.


All-over moisture wicking

Keeps you comfortable & dry

NOT shapewear

No squeeze, all stretch

Lightweight & breathable

The perfect base layer

Modesty coverage

Keeps your bits private


Cool, silkysoft comfort

For the hottest summer days

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