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Our Story

Hi there! I’m Marnie Consky and I used to suffer from painful inner thigh chafing (c'mon, I know-you-know I’m talkin' about chub rub here).

Like you, I LOVE wearing breezy skirts and dresses - especially in the summer - but with the heat and humidity, my thighs rub together and the resulting rash is UN-FREAKIN-BEARABLE.

What to do? I was tired of cutting my tights and leggings, wearing heavy bike shorts or (yep, I admit it) men’s boxer briefs, and hated squeezing into suffocating shapewear. Powders, creams and gels helped for like, 10 minutes, but needed to be carried around and re-applied constantly throughout the day...and I don’t know about you, but my purse is stuffed, as-is.

So I decided to create Thigh Society: super soft, comfy, light and breathable long leg underwear with a moisture-wicking panel to prevent inner thigh chafing. BOOM!

Join me and the Thigh Society on an anti-chafing crusade and body positive mission to help women feel their best!


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