Our Impact

“I’ve never bought a more comfortable pair of undergarments. They’re better than any others
I’ve tried.”

— Natalie

“I feel a lifetime of resistance to summer dresses wearing down. This product was long overdue.”

— Beverly

“Finally a product I don't have to fight with all day. They're comfortable, they breathe and they stay put!”

— Rene

“Chub rub — it might sound funny, but if you've felt it, you know the agony. That constant thigh friction, those painful prickly red rashes. I'd tried everything: bike shorts, shapewear, men’s boxers, messy creams & gels that never lasted.

I want every pair to give you the feeling I discovered: relief.

I knew there *had* to be a better solution, so I created Thigh Society. These multipurpose shorties stay put, hug your curves, keep you dry, give you freedom of movement and just make life easier.”

— Marnie Rabinovitch Consky, Founder & CEO