Fabric & Fit

What's a slip short? +

If a silky slip and a long-leg boxer brief short had a baby, it'd be a slip short. So cute, right? Slips are worn to help clothes glide effortlessly overtop, give modesty under thin or sheer fabrics or add a comfy layer between your skin and itchy material. Boxer brief shorts will add fabric coverage between your thighs to prevent them from sticking to each other and rubbing to the point of horror-story-chafing-territory. And while you can wear shapewear for this purpose, you may not need or want the squeezing and sweatiness that comes with it (does anyone?!).

We've combined the best of both worlds to make a lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, seamless and super light smoothing line of slip shorts that are your set-it-and-forget-it undergarment solution to chafing and modesty. BOOM!

What causes thigh chafing, anyway? +

Thigh chafing/chaffing is a painful rash caused by sweat and friction when one’s inner thighs rub together (skin on skin or against clothing). This irritation makes it hella impossible to wear dresses, skirts or pants - especially in hot and humid weather. Thigh chafing doesn't discriminate based on size, weight or gender. That means anyone with thighs can chafe under the right conditions. Period. It’s a totally normal, albeit uncomfortable function of the human body, and that's why there's no shame in our anti-chafing game! 

Are they shapewear? +

NOPE! Our slip shorts are definitely not shapewear. We prefer to call them chafewear since they were specifically designed to prevent chafing in the most comfy way possible. Our proprietary stretchy fabrics hug your body like a second skin and give a light smoothing effect without any squeezing, pinching, digging or rolling. Our seamless boxer briefs are so comfy that you can also wear them to bed (and no one ever says that about shapewear!).

Plus, they're breathable and moisture wicking so you won't feel like you're sitting in your own swamp of sweat. Not to mention they're easy to put on and take off without any wriggling or circus contortions. Goodbye, chafing. Hello, comfort™!

Would I only wear them to prevent thigh chafing? +

No chafing? No problem. And lucky you! Our slip shorts have lots of other uses: they're great under sheer clothing, clothes that rub against sensitive areas or scars, bike riding, lounging and more:

They'll cover you from unexpected gusts of wind on your bike or crossing subway grates, and will keep your legs from sticking to hot park benches and leather car seats (ew - that feeling of skin peeling off. And sweaty butt aka "swamp ass"? You can say bye to wet spots with our wicking shorts).

Period, endometriosis or adenomyosis pain? Customers have told us that our shorts are the only undergarment they can tolerate against a swollen belly and pelvis. We've also heard from new mamas postpartum and others post-surgery that our shorts offer protection for scars and stitches without pinching or binding, and that they'll effortlessly hold an ostomy in place. Lipedema sufferers rave that our shorts don't dig in, so they can be worn painlessly and comfortably. Using a wheelchair or crutches? Our shorts'll give you extra modesty protection if your skirt or dress accidentally hikes up. Read more here.

Our multi-wear bottoms will also cover up spider veins, stretch marks, skin conditions and cellulite - which we’re totes cool with showing off, but everyone has their hangups.

And they're also comfy enough for sleeping, Netflix-watching or whatevs you wanna do around the house.

Are they only made for wearing under skirts & dresses? +

While they're definitely skirts & dresses' BFF, our slip shorts also make fast friends with white or sheer pants, jeans or any bottoms with a dropped inseam (jumpers, rompers, scrubs, chef's whites, harem pants, sport shorts) where your thighs may be prone to touching. They'll also keep any unwanted sweat stains at bay. 

Tell me the differences in thickness/sheerness between the Cooling, Cotton & Staple +

Starting with our most sheer and lightest is the Cooling, followed by the Cotton which is still very lightweight and semi-to-slightly sheer, then the Staple which is as lightweight as the Cotton with a bit more coverage.

Throw a long t-shirt over the Cotton and Staple and you might be able to wear them as outerwear shorts, but we can't promise. How sheer they are on your body depends on how much they're stretching on you.

Since our Cooling shorts are very sheer, they're ideally suited for underneath clothes or around the house.

The thickness of the Cooling could be compared to tights or pantyhose (minus all the bad stuff), whereas our Cotton and Staple could be compared to a summer legging.

Do they fit true to size? +

Our shorts have lots of stretch and are designed to fit by hip size. Refer to our size chart for more info.

How do I know these are high quality? +

Have you ever bought slip shorts that roll up like a window shade on your thighs, slide down or bag out and lose their shape?
Or they're made with non-breathable material so your lower half feels like it's a blazing inferno?
Or they have pinchy elastics that cause bulging, and itchy seams that irritate your skin?

Been there, tried that? Us too.

That's why we designed our premium undergarments to be the best little slip shorts they can be. We use only the highest quality performance yarns that stretch to your curves and feel like a second skin, thoughtful and seamless construction made for durability and invisibility, and moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable fabrics so you can be comfy and confident in whatever you're wearing.

We've been saving thighs for over 10 years - that's a lot of fit testing on women of many shapes and sizes - and we pride ourselves on making slip shorts that you'll be able to wear day or night, 365 days a year.

So...are these just for spring & summer? +

Nope! You can wear your Thigh Society all.year.round. Put 'em on under a wrap skirt or a pair of capris in the fresh spring breeze, under a summer dress or your work uniform on a swelteringly hot day, under or over tights and pantyhose in the fall (this is our hack to prevent holes), and for an extra layer of warmth in winter. And don’t forget to pack them on tropical vacations.

I just use deodorant / gel / cream / powder. +

We're super jelly if any of these options work for you. Not us. We need to re-apply every 10 minutes and we've tried EVERY.SINGLE.BRAND. No joke. Shwetty, shwetty thighs over here.

Will that inner seam lead to chafing? +

Nope! The seams on the inner thigh panel are strategically placed on the outside of the inner thigh, away from the area of your leg that will be thigh five'ing the other one. Plus, we used stitching that sits flat against your skin, instead of a raised seam which can lead to chafing.

What's the waistband like? +

The flexible, stretchy waistband is made of the same fabric as the shorts, double folded and sewn onto the garment. It's not a basic elastic waistband that you may be used to - because we're anything BUT basic. It stretches to fit your curves so you won't feel constricted. Actually, you won't feel it at all. 

Why didn't you put cotton through the entire inner thigh panel? +

Great question! Cotton, while breathable, is notorious for trapping moisture and keeping it there...which means a higher chance of getting a nasty thigh rash. That's why our inner thigh panel is all moisture wicking except for a small knit-in cotton crotch. The result - increased comfort for your thighs and your bits!

Why are these better than wearing (cheap) bike shorts under clothes to prevent thigh chafing? +

Put simply: comfort, quality & fit. We know our slip shorts may be an upfront investment, but our premium undergarments were designed specifically to prevent thigh chafing and you'll get lots of wear out of them. Here are some other advantages that our shorts have over bike shorts:

1. No seams: bike shorts often have seams down the middle of your most sensitive inner thigh area, along with itchy front, back & center seams where your bits are, increasing the likelihood of chafing. To eliminate the friction that can contribute to chafing, we've removed all those seams and added a wide inner thigh panel with non-abrasive flat seams on outside of your inner thighs.

2. Fewer layers: you get underwear + shorts in one with our knit-in crotch.

3. No tight elastics: you don't have to worry about the waistband or leg bands digging in, and the legs won't ride up. But don't just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews.

4. Lightweight, breathable and sweat-wicking fabric: feels so soft against your skin that you'll probably forget you have them on.

5. Stretch: the unparalleled 360 degree stretch will rival any bike short you've tried.

We’re definitely biased, but we think it’s time to break up with bike shorts underneath your skirts and dresses. You (and your thighs) deserve it, and we hope to upgrade you!

How do the Cooling shorts work? +

Our premium quality, hi-tech Cooling fabric lowers body temperature thanks to the flat cross-section of the yarn, offering a wide surface area to quickly release body heat from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable at the sweatiest of times.

The yarn texturizing process gives the garments maximum breathability and ventilation, and the finished ultra thin and stretchy fabric makes it a breeze to wear whatever you want no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Will the fabric make noise when I walk? +

Noisy thigh syndrome. Thigh swoosh. Swishy thighs. Whatever you want to call it, whenever 2 things (thighs included) rub together, there will inevitably be some sound. Short of waddling like a penguin with your legs straddled wide, there’s really no way to avoid it.

While our microfiber fabric feels different from its nylon cousins (tights and pantyhose), the sound has to do with the texture and weave of the material which is designed not to retain moisture in order to keep you dry. Having more moisture at the points of friction would reduce noise, but then you wouldn’t be as comfortable. So it’s a trade off, and we’re always looking at new options.

Bottom line: in most day-to-day situations, environmental noise ought to drown out any sound you might hear in the quiet of your own home.

Will the fabric cling to my clothes? +

It shouldn't, but sometimes very dry conditions can cause static. In that case, we suggest rubbing a dryer sheet over your undergarments or spraying a bit of static guard, and you can also put some non-greasy lotion over the fabric to help combat the dryness that causes static. 

Why don't you make my size? +

We're so excited to have just launched our newest sizes, XS/S and 5XL/6XL since thigh chafing can affect people of all sizes. We're continuously working with our factory to see how even more size expansion might be possible. Right now it's more a function of the equipment available at our factory and not because we don't want to make your size.

How do I wash them? +

Our slip shorts are easy to care for - just machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat.

Personal Questions

I get hot flashes - will these help? +

Yes! If you're a menopausal woman, let our shorts do the work to wick sweat away, keeping you and dry and comfortable whenever the heat hits.

I'm pregnant - can I wear Thigh Society? +

While Thigh Society wasn't specifically designed for maternity, the super stretchy fabric can accommodate a growing belly and will protect your inner thighs from chafing, which can happen with pregnancy weight gain. You may want to size up; many moms-to-be have worn their Thigh Society for up to the first 5-6 months, but it depends on how you carry.

They'll also work postpartum since they won't pinch or bind against a sensitive tummy, stitches or scarring.

Can I exercise in Thigh Society? +

While they weren't designed for high intensity sports, customers have told us that they love wearing our shorts for yoga, hiking, backpacking and lifting weights, whether on their own with a long t-shirt or underneath loose shorts. 

Can I wear Thigh Society in the water? +

We have some customers who wear our darker coloured shorts in the water, but they weren't designed for swimming since they're not as tight as swim trunks. It's totally up to you, and we'd love to hear from you if you do decide to wear 'em for a dunk.

What is camel toe and will I get it? +

Wikipedia lists camel toe as “a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female's labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes. Due to a combination of anatomical factors and the snugness of the fabric covering it, the crotch and pudendal cleft may take on a resemblance to the forefoot of a camel.”

If camel toe is something that you're looking to avoid, you're in luck with our seamless crotch area, where your bits can rest comfortably without any annoying central seams.

Can I wear a pad or panty liner with Thigh Society? +

It depends - the gusset (crotch area) is wide enough to accommodate a pad or liner, but you might have better luck keeping it in place with wings, and if you don't want to risk it - we suggest wearing a panty with the shorts during those times of the month.

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    Can I pay for expedited shipping? +

    We know it hurts to wait for our thigh-protecting shorts when you really need them. Unfortunately, we don't offer expedited shipping options but please know that our team works super fast to ship your order!

    Can I return them if I'm not happy? +

    We're unfortunately not able to accept any exchanges or returns of underwear, because, y'know - hygiene reasons. Please refer to our size chart and email us if you're really not sure.


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    Where can I buy Thigh Society IRL? +

    We're mostly an online company, but several Canadian boutiques do stock our slip shorts. You can find the list on our Canadian site: thighsociety.ca

    If you're a boutique owner and are interested in stocking our products at your store, please email us at: sales@thighsociety.com

    What if my question wasn't answered here? +

    Reach out - we'd be more than happy to answer your question!