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How to Wear Each Style of Thigh Society Comfy Shorts

From galas to lounging, our shorts are soft and comfortable for all situations.

How to Wear Each Style of Thigh Society Comfy Shorts
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A dependable pair of slip shorts is the perfect companion for any occasion, from formal events to the laziest of lounge days. Our silky and comfy shorts are made with soft materials that don’t constrict your body or pinch your skin, and keep sweat and chafing at bay — and they’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Here, some of the many ways to rock Thigh Society shorts.

Comfy Shorts for All Occasions 


Under a Gown

Our shorts were designed first as an anti-chafing garment; a soft fabric barrier between your thighs that prevents them from rubbing together, causing discomfort, pain and rashes. When we wear formal attire like long dresses or gowns, our legs are often bare underneath. And we all know what happens while walking around at an event, wearing heels and sweating — our thighs are primed for chafing. Slip into a pair of our super comfy shorts to avoid any chafing scenario by enveloping your skin and protecting your thighs. If your thighs don’t chafe, you can also wear our shorts as just a comfortable base layer for added warmth, as a cooling layer to manage sweating or for extra modesty. Wearing something sparkly? Our shorts protect your skin no matter how prickly the material is.

Over Hosiery

Let’s say you’re wearing a dressy outfit, like a sweater dress or embroidered skirt, on a cold day. You’re most likely wearing hosiery to keep your legs warm. While tights technically also create a fabric barrier between your thighs, they are not chafe-proof and you can still end up with irritated thighs at the end of the night. Chafing aside, you might also just not be warm enough with just a pair of tights. That’s when Thigh Society shorts work well to help out in either scenario. No one will know you have them on but you’ll love the soft embrace they give your legs.

Comfy Shorts


Under Dresses/Shorts/Skirts

We’re more likely to chafe in the warmer seasons when wearing dresses, skirts and sweating in the heat. That’s when Thigh Society shorts really save the day, by creating a soft leg barrier, stopping butt sweat, making it easy to sit anywhere and even adding modesty when riding a bike. Whether you chafe or not, our Cooling shorts can help lower your body temperature by one degree thanks to our hi-tech fabric. Your days of peeling yourself off leather chairs and skin-to-skin contact with icky subway seats are over.


Our comfy shorts also come in opaque styles that can be worn on their own, like biker shorts but without the usual tight-squeeze waistband. Throw on a pair of our Original shorts, the most opaque pair inour collection, with a T-shirt and you’re ready to run errands.


Watching TV

You know what pairs perfectly with your favorite series, a glass of vino and some popcorn? A pair of comfy lounge shorts. Settle into some quality lounge time with a pair of our Staple shorts that feature a velvety-soft finish. The buttery material doesn’t ride up or down, staying perfectly put no matter how much you spread out on your couch.

To Bed

Our cute comfy shorts are great in bed. Unlike with other sleepwear, our shorts don’t move around while you toss and turn, won’t stick to your sheets and the material is ideal for getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re a hot sleeper, our Cooling shorts ensure you won’t wake up sweaty. For the cooler months, opt for The Cotton.


As Gym Pants

Get your downward dog on in our shorts! They make a great gym outfit, especially for low impact classes like yoga, pilates or lifting weights. While many gym shorts are high compression and sometimes uncomfortable, our soft shorts won’t cut off our circulation while you’re trying to work out.

Winter Sports

Give your tired long johns a rest and instead use our comfy shorts to keep you warm. Thigh Society makes a fantastic base layer on a wintery day whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, sledding or just sipping a Hot Toddy during après ski time.


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