The sleep shorts you didn’t know you needed

Our ultra-comfy, ultra-stretchy shorts are so comfy you’ll forget you’re wearing them. And they won’t stick to your sheets!

Made for hot sleepers

The nights of sweaty, sticky slumber are over. Our shorts are made from hi-tech cooling fabric that keep you cool all night long.

Better than sleeping naked

Extra coverage without the discomfort or bulk. They glide over skin and don’t ride up, roll down, pinch or dig in.


Our unique fabric stretches to double its width without bagging or sagging. So you can move, roll and change positions without restriction.

From under dresses to under the sheets, from XS to 6XL

Our coolest sleep

The Cooling

Sheer 11 Colors

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Our softest sleep

The Staple

Semi-Sheer 4 Colors

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Our coziest sleep

The Cotton

Semi-Sheer 3 Colors

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Your other pajamas are going to be jealous

Ultra-thin, ultra-comfortable, ultra-stretchy fabric

Helps regulate sleeping body temperature.

Smooth fabric allows blankets to glide overtop.

Silky finish on The Cooling short, Buttery finish on The Staple short, Downy finish on The Cotton short.

Smooth hug fit won’t leave red marks and indentations on your skin.

Fabric stretches to double the width without digging in, rolling or riding up and won’t bag or sag.

Fully seamless technology for the most comfortable sleep of your life

No front, back or side seams.

Completely seamless except for the non-abrasive inner thigh panel flat seams.

Tagless so there are no itchy tags to cut off.

Flat, no bulk seams.

No wedgies!

Cotton crotch, wear with or without undies.

The ultimate moisture-wicking sweat hack

Pulls sweat and heat away from your body-ody-ody.

Prevent rashes that are caused by rubbing and friction.

Wear The Cotton when you...

Detailed specs


Comfort, super soft waistband doesn’t pinch or bind.

Inner thigh panel

Wide inner thigh panel with non-abrasive flat seams that won’t rub together when you walk.

Leg band/leg opening

We don’t use silicone grippers or pinchy elastics, and the fabric lays flat against your skin without squeezing.

Cotton crotch

Knit-in cotton crotch so you can go commando if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

You really can’t go wrong with any of our sleep shorts; it just depends on what level of sheerness you’re comfortable with. The Cooling is our most see-through, followed by The Staple and The Cotton which are both semi-sheer: safe enough to answer the door, but you may want to wear a long tee if you’re making a late-night run to the corner store for a pint of ice cream.

Flexible and stretchy, our waistbands are made from the same fabric as the shorts, just double-folded and sewn-in. It stretches to your curves, and never cuts into them for uninterrupted zzzz’s. The waistband is like the Loch Ness Monster: you’ll doubt it really exists.

Nope! Think of our shorties as the hardest working item of clothing in your closet from day to night and back again. Wear them under anything to keep you dry and covered, or skip the top layer and get right to lounging. No one will know except your laundry since you’ll want to wash and wear them over and over.

About Us

Quality you can count on

Proudly woman-founded and designed in Canada, our shorts are masterminded by a team of fabric experts and knitting technicians with decades of experience in intimates and high-performance clothing. We also sourced the best yarns and threads, for premium-quality knits. That means that our slip shorts have wicking properties, a signature fit, and a feel that other shorts just don’t. Yes, we take the production process very, very seriously.

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Rave reviews

You’re making us blush.

"These slip shorts solve the problem of my thighs sticking when I sleep hot, and they’re breathable enough they’re like wearing next to nothing. In short, much less menopausal sleep discomfort. Love ‘em!"

Carrie Richardson


"Great under pants: No line across the thigh. Like 2nd skin: no pressure or binding. Wearing around house or to sleep with T-shirt and under pants and skirts. Where have you been all my life??"

Janet Reagan


"These slip shorts are bombdigity! I love sleeping in them, so comfy. Excellent under jeans in winter. Can't wait to wear them in the summer. Whenever that decides to arrive lol. I have told so many women! Keep on saving thighs."

J Uchacz


"These fit great. I've been looking for something like these for years. I sleep hot and needed something to keep my legs from sticking together."



"These are like 2nd skin. I use them to sleep in, instead of shorts. I don’t sweat like I used to. Would be perfect to wear under a dress as well. So incredibly comfortable, absolutely love them"

Zoria Griffin


"These shorts are so soft and comfortable I could wear them from when I wake up to when I go to sleep – and maybe even to bed as PJs! They helped so much in the warm summer heat to avoid irritation while walking. These are a MUST BUY!"



"These are the best slip shorts ever! Soft, no seams to show through, great coverage without being tight or binding. Soft and comfortable enough to sleep in! Ordering other colors soon."

Elizabeth Turner


"I’m tossing out my Spanx! Thank you Thigh Society for your amazing slip shorts! I could literally sleep in these! It doesn’t bunch up or roll down my waist. It also doesn’t cut off circulation to my thighs! I bought two in beige. Now I need to get two more in black!"

Anna K


"These are so comfy... Not only under dresses, but just hanging out at home or as sleep shorts. I bought two pairs and will be buying more.  They're great!"

Jaime Fulsang


"Ordered 7 inch charcoal to sleep in.  They are super comfortable. Waist does not roll down and legs don't roll up."

Thigh High


"These slip shorts are great! Very comfortable, don't ride up or roll down and breathe really well. I've even worn them to sleep in and was comfy all night. I would highly recommend them and will definitely purchase more."