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2024 Athleisure Trends You'll Want to Wear

Athleisure styles you’ll want to wear this year.

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Once upon a time, athletic clothes were strictly for exercise, but within the last decade elevated athletic wear has firmly cemented itself in our everyday wardrobes. From leggings and joggers to shorts and crop tops, we love wearing comfortable clothing that allows us to move unrestricted throughout the day. Athleisure has a way of looking cool when styled casually or dressed up, making it a versatile and fun trend for anyone to take part in. This year has some exciting athleisure trends in store. Here are our top picks to inspire your next outfits.

The 6 Best 2024 Athleisure Trends

1. Elevated Gym Shorts

Gym shorts have come a very long way and are now considered a fashion staple in 2024. Biker shorts have become particularly popular, which isn’t surprising considering they look great with a T-shirt, dress,blazer, you name it. Whether you’re running errands or going out for dinner, a pair of bike shorts  can suit any occasion and are super comfortable to boot. Here are some biker shorts outfit ideas we love, including the always stylish button down and biker shorts combo, as well as some evening looks. Our Original shorts are opaque in our darker hues and lend themselves perfectly to this trend. Trust us, you’ll be wearing them a lot this year.

2. Sweatpants and Stilettos

Sweatpants and stilettos was a popular styling trend in the early 2000s and like many things Y2K, it’s back and more popular than ever. Merging casual bottoms with heels creates a cool juxtaposition; the perfect blend of dressed up and dressed down. Grab a menswear-style pair of wide sweatpants to recreate this look. For an elongated leg look, choose a pair of heels that match your sweats for an effortless fashion statement.

3. Sporty Dresses

Athletic dresses are no longer just for playing sports like tennis — they’ve become a city favorite for hot days. Merging femininity and functionality, an athletic dress has all of the breezy features of a dress with the coverage and practicality needed for sports (or a really hot summer day!). In one of these, you can sit, bend and twist as you wish, without revealing too much of yourself accidentally. Wear one of these during your next shopping trip or while walking your dog, and you’re bound to fall in love with how free you feel in an athletic dress. Pair yours with sneakers for maximum comfort and athleisure vibes on a hot day.


4. Athletic Animal Print

From zebra and leopard to snake prints, bold animal patterns are trending when it comes to athleisure outfits. Animal print leggings, tops and accessories are all the rage right now, allowing you to express your wild side and play with prints. You can go relatively subtle with the patterns or all-out in a showstopping set. This trend is all about embracing your inner wild side and adding a playful touch to your athletic wardrobe. It can also help level up an already casual outfit, if you need to.  

5. Sporty Hats

Sporty hats are everywhere this season and an obvious athleisure staple. From baseball caps to bucket hats and visors, you can look cool while protecting your hair and face from the sun. As the days get hotter, opt for breathable materials to keep you cool in the blazing sun. Bold logos and unique designs are big this summer, so you can really express yourself with your headwear.  Don’t forget to don a cool pair of sunglasses and you’re ready for a sunny city or beach day.

 6. Sheer + Shorts

Transparent materials are everywhere and the combination of sheerness and shorts really takes athleisure to the next level. Sheer slips, skirts and tops are uber popular, but you may want to wear a pair of shorts underneath for some coverage. Our Cooling shorts are our thinnest style and help prevent chafing and overheating on hot days. They’re perfect for that sheer look, without revealing too much skin. This ensemble is perfect for warm weather and adds a fashionable twist to your typical workout ensemble.

While you can definitely opt for a very casual look, athleisure can also be super stylish, especially when you accessorize with elevated footwear and headwear. Sheer fabrics, animal prints and athletic dresses further enhance the appeal of athleisure, offering endless possibilities for fashion-forward people, or people who want to take part in a fun trend with minimal effort. Worn with the perfect pair of Thigh Society shorties, you’ll be able to pull off all of the looks we listed and even develop your own athleisure style.


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