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Beat the Heat: 3 Influencers Share Their Favorite Ways to Stay Cool

The best outfits and materials to wear on a hot day.

Beat the heat
TS Blog > Beat the Heat: 3 Influencers Share Their Favorite Ways to Stay Cool

The hottest months of the year are just around the corner and while we love the extra sunshine, we don’t love the extra sweating that comes with the scorching weather. We enlisted lifestyle tastemakers Vivian Kaye, Imani Bashir and Thalia Castro-Vega for summer wardrobe inspiration and styling tips for staying cool (and chic) in the hot months ahead. Read on to find out the materials and outfits they love to wear in the summer and get inspired for how to beat the heat this season.

Vivian KayeVivian Kaye

How do you change up your wardrobe for very hot weather to beat the heat?

Vivian Kaye: I tend to dress in layers due to the fickle nature of Canadian weather, so when it starts to get really hot, I just remove layers.

Imani Bashir: Being a Muslim woman who opts to dress modestly, I definitely lessen the layers. I try my best not to wear anything that’s going to be pressing up against my body and skin. So, in the summer, the looser and airier, the better. 

Thalia Castro-Vega: I like to focus on wearing natural and breathable fabrics like linen and cotton, along with wearing garments that are very flowy and don't hug the body to allow for air flow. Alternatively, the semi-synthetic fabric, viscose, also offers a lot of breathability.

Imani Bashirt Imani Bashir

What items of clothing are some of your hot weather essentials?

Vivian Kaye: The less, the better! I love a good bodycon dress that shows off my curves, a shapewear undergarment to smooth my curves and wedge sandals. 

Imani Bashir: Tank tops are essential. I have a million in all color variations, and I throw them on under a blazer or open top. I also love wide leg pants. I absolutely love that they allow air circulation, unlike leggings or jeans. I also tie my headscarf in more upward styles versus down and around my neck. I love a good flowy maxi dress or floor length button down as well! 

Thalia Castro-Vega: Long cotton dresses that have a trapeze shape! They're fun to twirl in and great for air flow. Long-sleeve linen button-up tops are perfect to provide protection for my skin on bright, sunny days, but help me stay cool with it being a natural fabric. Miniskirts because they're cute, fun and my legs get to be out. 

Thalia Castro-VegaThalia Castro-Vega

Can you tell me about a time when you were somewhere really hot but your outfit kept you relatively cool? What made the outfit perfect for the heat?

Vivian Kaye: I’m originally from Ghana, where it’s always hot. At night, we wear what I call west African pajamas, which is a piece of Ankara cotton cloth wrapped around you like a towel. 

Imani Bashir: I was in Dallas for Pride and had a big straw floppy hat, white button-down shirt and wide leg pants. It was so hot and there was hardly any shade, but I didn’t feel like I was sweaty and I think that’s what really makes the difference. 

Thalia Castro-Vega: I went to the farmer's market on a hot day and opted for a cotton long sleeve top and wide leg viscose pants and I felt both cool temperature-wise and also outfit-wise. My skin was protected from the sun and the fabric was very breezy.

Outside of clothing, what's your favorite way to cool down on a hot day?

Vivian Kaye: You can find me in my favorite spot — in a hammock on a beach! 

Imani Bashir: Outside of clothing, I keep a portable electronic fan on me — I have about five. Amazon has them and you just charge it with a USB and go. They last a while and have multiple settings from low to high. I highly recommend them! 

Thalia Castro-Vega: I love making a smoothie and then hanging out with friends at their pool. It’s the perfect summer treat and the perfect way to spend a free day.


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