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Why Our Version of Booty Shorts Is Actually Comfortable

There are so many reasons you’ll fall in love with our shortest length of shorts.

Booty Shorts
TS Blog > Why Our Version of Booty Shorts Is Actually Comfortable

Short shorts are often referred to as booty shorts because they stop just past the derrière. A summer staple, booty shorts are typically considered sexy, but not particularly comfortable. We have a different take on them — our five-inch shorts are on the shorter side and show some leg, but the material is super soft and not constricting. They can be worn solo or under a sheer outfit for some added . Here’s why you’ll fall in love with our shortest length of shorts.

What are booty shorts?

The most popular style of booty shorts are denim short shorts, either purchased in that style or cut by the wearer themselves for a bespoke fit. They can be worn casually or part of a going out look — a pair of sexy booty shorts definitely turns heads! While denim booty shorts are versatile, they typically aren’t comfortable. They’re notorious for giving wedgies and being constricting, and the short length leaves your thighs vulnerable to chafing.

Another popular style are gym booty shorts. They give the wearer freedom of movement and the shape also accentuates the butt and legs, thanks to the compressive material. While that look works for an hour at the gym, they can get very uncomfortable for longer periods. Anyone who’s worn them knows the sigh of relief you breathe once you take off those high-compression shorts.

Enter our five-inch shorts, our shortest style generally hitting mid- to upper-thigh, depending on your body type, and made in the softest, dreamiest material. Our Original shorts can be worn alone in the darker hues, our Staple shorts are buttery soft and our Cargo shorts are super practical with a pocket for storage. You’ll love how they feel on your body and they let you show some leg without any irritation or discomfort.

How to Wear Our Booty Shorts

With a T-Shirt

The T-shirt and biker shorts combo has been on-trend since the 1980s and is a casual way to wear booty shorts for women. While the classic look typically involves black biker shorts, our five-inch Original shorts also come in dark blue, light blue, black and white to spice things up color-wise. People normally prefer to wear an oversized shirt with these shorts, but the options are endless.

Under a Sheer Dress

Sheer dresses were super popular this summer and the look will continue to be on trend into the fall. A pair of shorts to provide some coverage is the ideal sheer dress companion. Our Staple shorts are buttery soft and serve as a cozy base layer that’s both comfortable and practical. Combined with a flowy sheer dress, this is a chic but astoundingly comfy outfit ideal for your next concert or wine tasting event.

For Low Impact Workout

As we mentioned before, booty shorts are very popular for workouts, and ours lend themselves to a low impact workout like yoga, Pilates or a hot girl walk. Unlike other gym shorts, you won’t feel squeezed or restricted, just waiting to take them off right after your workout. Break up your day and enjoy the sun (while it’s still summer) by wearing a pair of our Cargo shorts. Store your keys and AirPods in the pocket so you don’t need to bring a bag on your sunny stroll.

Booty Shorts

To Cool Off on a Hot Day

Our Cooling shorts are your secret superpower on a hot day — they’re sheer so they act like a secret pair of booty shorts under skirts and dresses to help prevent chafing and swamp ass. While you wouldn’t wear them alone outside of the home, the five-inch length is a versatile wardrobe companion. Imagine booty shorts that cool you off and keep your thighs happy even on the hottest of days. These babies are the opposite of typical booty shorts for women — they’re soft, seamless and so gentle on your skin you’ll forget you’re wearing them.


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