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Your 2023 Gift Guide for All Things Cozy

 Comforting gifts for the people you love.

Cozy Gift Guide
TS Blog > Your 2023 Gift Guide for All Things Cozy

Baby, it's cold outside and that means cozy season is officially here. It’s that time of year to gravitate towards all things warm, fuzzy and comfortable — not just for ourselves but also for our loved ones as gifts during the holidays. Full of items that feel like a warm embrace for our family and friends, here’s our 2023 cozy gift guide.

Cozy Gift Guide

 1. Velvety Shorts

During the fall and winter, we love a soft base layer to keep us warm. That’s when a pair of velvety shorts become a go-to, as you can wear them under sweatpants, ski pants and jeans to ensure your legs and booty aren’t freezing. Our Staple shorts are our softest pair and, as the name implies, become our most popular wardrobe item when the temperature drops. They also make great gifts for the perpetually cold person in your life! Since they’re velvety but not bulky, they’re super easy to wear with any outfit and we carry sizes XS-6XL to suit a wide range of body types.

 2. Shearling Slippers

It’s too cold to be barefoot or just in socks. That’s why shearling slippers make great gifts — no more cold feet here! These comfy house shoes keep your feet insulated and cozy all day long, with the added benefit that the material wicks away moisture to keep your toes dry, too. Many slippers also have sturdy soles for extra traction and support while you’re doing things around the home, like cooking or organizing before family comes over. Give these to your friends who may have worn their socks around their home a little too often and gotten holes in them as a result. A nice pair of slippers are warm, comforting and will make sure those socks stay intact longer.

 3. Cozy Robe

It’s hard enough to wake up in the morning in the winter when the sun rises late and, sometimes, hardly at all. On top of that, we also face going from our snuggly warm beds to a much colder room temperature. This is when a robe, that’s soft and instantly warms your body, will become your favorite clothing item. We love materials like fleece, cashmere or flannel, as they help create a barrier against the cold, enveloping you in a toasty cocoon. This makes a great gift and you can add a little razzle dazzle by adding a monogram or additional details to personalize the piece. If you’re stumped on what to get your parents this year, a luxurious robe to be worn around the house is a guaranteed hit.

 4. Silk Pajamas

While the summer calls for wearing as little as possible to bed to avoid waking up in a puddle of sweat, we like to wear warmer pajamas in the winter. However, the material still needs to be breathable as we don’t want to overheat under the sheets. Silk pajamas are an excellent option to stay warm but not sweaty, as the material is sweat wicking and breathable. Give a friend or family member a sleep wardrobe overhaul by gifting them a nice pair of silk pajamas. There are so many color options and styles out there, so you’re definitely going to find something to match their style. Make sure to select a washable option like mulberry silk for convenience. They’ll love their new sleepwear.

5. Cashmere Gloves

Looking for a small gift that everyone could use? Look no further than cashmere gloves, something that everybody needs, but may not purchase for themselves. Cold hands are an unfortunate issue for everyone during the winter but easily solved by always having a pair of nice gloves on hand. While leather gloves can be bulky and synthetic materials flimsy, cashmere gloves are the ideal soft extra layer to keep your hands warm all winter. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for your family or white elephant gift for a colleague. Pops of color are popular this winter — consider picking up a pair in a beautiful cobalt blue to add a bright touch to a monochromatic outfit. And you can’t go wrong with black, gray or brown gloves, which go with everything during the winter. Whoever receives the gift will thank you for giving them warm and toasty hands on any brisk day


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