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Winter Style: Clothing and Accessories You'll Want To Wear This Season

What you’ll want to wear this winter season.

Winter Style
TS Blog > Winter Style: Clothing and Accessories You'll Want To Wear This Season

Winter isn’t far away in the Northern Hemisphere and we want to make sure we enter the chilliest time of year with the right clothing and accessories. Having cold hands and feet, or just generally being freezing, can really ruin your mood and make it unenjoyable to be outside. The right clothes prevent that and also happen to be snuggly, warm and cute. Here’s our list of winter style essentials to keep you toasty this season.

Winter Style

1. Warming Shorts Under Dresses and Skirts

We love to wear skirts and dresses in the winter, but paired with the right accessories to keep our legs warm. Our secret method to staying warm and stylish is laying our plush Staple shorts over our tights. They create an extra barrier between you and the cold, and also protect you from any windy skirt-lifting moments that reveal a little more than you’d like. They also prevent chafing, which can happen even if you’re wearing tights thanks to the abrasive fabric.

 2. Puffer Jacket

Nothing says winter chic like a good puffer jacket, which serves to keep you warm and perfectly on trend. Opt for a classic black puffer if you’re more into neutrals, or go with a colorful one to cheer you up on a cloudy day. They come in a variety of lengths this season—you can go floor-length for blizzard days and cropped on warmer ones.


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3. The Babushka Scarf

Large, long scarves are one of this season’s hottest items.  And the best part about them? They can easily become a hat or balaclava-type accessory to protect you from the harsh elements and get that babushka-meets-2023 style.

 4. Patterned Tights

If we’re going to have to wear tights for the next few months, we might as well make it fun, right? Opaque black tights have their time and place, but you don’t always have to go traditional. Break up the monotony with a cheerful floral print, geometric shapes or peekaboo bows on the back of your legs. Your legs will be warm while also showing off your playful fashion sense. And don’t forget to layer our shorties over top to avoid any chafing and keep your booty extra warm.

 5. Mid-Calf Socks

Another cool way to style your legs this winter is with mid-calf socks, especially if you’re going for a collegiate-chic look. Anchor the look with heeled loafers on a dreary day to perk up your style and keep your feet safe from the wet ground. White mid-calf socks are super popular, but you could also choose a pop of color to match a colorful sweater, for example, or brighten up a dark-hued outfit.

 6. Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are the best way to keep your hands toasty and dry — something that fabric gloves just don’t do. This season, braided and colorful leather gloves are very au courant and a worthy investment piece to wear for years to come. If you’re a true fashionista, you might pair elbow-length leather gloves with a jacket or coat with cropped sleeves for an ultra-chic, femme fatale aesthetic.

 7. Cozy Boots

If there’s one thing to get us through rain, snow and treacherous icy puddles, it’s a pair of cozy boots. Ideally they’re waterproof on the outside and lined on the inside, so your toes stay warm and dry. Fleece-lined rain boots, shearling boots or synthetic mountain boots (like Moon Boots) can withstand all types of weather. You won’t open your front door to face the elements with dread when you have a pair of these.

 8. Knit Sweater

A warm sweater is also right up there with the cozy boots as a winter essential. We love a beautiful, thick stylish knit in materials that are breathable and cozy. For ultimate comfort, choose wool, fleece and cashmere — these are cold-weather proof and feel amazing to wear.

 9. Plaid Skirt

A plaid skirt is always on trend during the colder seasons, especially around the holidays when colors like red and green go perfectly with the festive vibe. Pair one of any length with a fitted sweater and the aforementioned cozy boots for your new favorite go-to outfit for winter. Of course, you’ll want to wear a pair of slip shorts underneath your plaid skirt to avoid any irritation from the irritating fabric.

 10. Cool Shawls

Shawls are having a moment and they’ve gotten a modern update with fun textures and a more deconstructed aesthetic. Wear your favorite fitted turtleneck sweater and add a cool shawl on top for added warmth and style. This looks best with a pair of jeans and statement boots, and shows everyone that a cold day won’t stop you from being fashion-forward.


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