8 Cute Boxers to Wear to Sleep

By Thigh Society

cute boxers

The weather’s getting warmer, meaning we’ll soon be retiring our longer pajama pants for something shorter. Whether you’re a cold or hot sleeper, boxers have always been a top choice for sleep attire. With many colors, lengths and styles to choose from, let’s take a closer look at cute boxers on the market today. Read on to find out which eight styles we’re loving for the upcoming warm seasons.

1. Black and Body Hugging

When it comes to cute women’s boxers, a pair of soft body-hugging ones in a dark color are our forever go-to. Think of them as the little black dress of sleepwear. Our velvety soft Staple shorts are the perfect black boxers that hug your curves gently without pinching your skin — something we absolutely don’t want while we’re getting our beauty rest. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll love how moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating they are. They pair easily with a baggy T-shirt or fitted cami for a night of deep and dreamy sleep.  

2. Boyfriend Style

Some of us have definitely worn men’s boxers to sleep at some point in time, thanks to their comfortable, roomy shape. But you don’t have to steal your boyfriend’s boxers anymore — we’ve since developed cute styles that mimic men’s boxers without the extra functionalities like a button-front opening. Many new models also feature more comfortable waistbands and shorter lengths (like our 5” styles) to give them a more femme revamp.

3. Playful Prints

From polka dots and animal print to floral motifs and pastel hues, we love seeing cute boxers for women in fun, playful prints. For spring, you may want to opt for something covered in pastel patterns, while summer might call for a beachy design. Are you a foodie? Choose a pair of women’s boxers in a classic print like bonbons or pizza. If you’re not into wild patterns, you can choose a pair in a gorgeous seasonal color, like our Cooling shorts in Lilac, Chambray or Blush.

cute boxers

4. Cargo Boxers

We love to merge form with function so if you’re looking for a pair of cute boxers that you could also store something small in for when you get up, look no further than our Cargo shorts. They come in 4 colorways and in up to size  6X, and feature a handy pocket to store small items like cards or lip balm. Staying at a hotel? Keep your room card in the pocket and never get locked out of your room again.

5. Silky Shorts

Picture this: It’s a hot day, you just turned on your AC and now you’re slipping into a pair of silky shorts before you slip into your plush bed. Whether you’re going for real silk or silky satin, this style of boxers will feel like a breeze against your skin no matter how much you toss and turn at night. Our Cooling shorts are our sheerest style and feel like barely-there silk.

6. High Rise

We love high-rise leggings, so why not opt for a pair of high-rise cute boxers too? They lightly hold us in without compression, don’t unexpectedly slip further south while we’re sleeping and sit comfortably around the waistline. They’re especially comfy if you have an apron belly as they sit comfortably right above your belly button without digging into your skin. These boxers will gently support you while you’re cozily tucked into your bed.

7. Blue and White Stripes

A nautical blue and white stripe moment is perfect for spring and summer — and that also applies to your sleepwear. Opt for a striped set with a matching top to make you feel like you’re cruising through the ocean. Even if you’re just relaxing in your apartment, you can still have the attire to match sailing on a boat. It might even inspire some wanderlust dreams of future trips on the water. For a nautical look sans stripes, wear a pair of our shorties in our Halo or Indigo colorways with a white or blue top to get the same effect.

8. Booty Shorts

If you love boy shorts as an underwear style but don’t want to sleep in your skivvies, booty short boxers are a great way to wear less without skimping on comfort. This style of cute boxers are barely there but won’t give you a wedgie or leave marks on your skin after a night of rest. They’re short but can still be worn around the house when you get an impromptu delivery, for example. Black is a go-to color but you could also play with brighter hues, like fuchsia or turquoise, for a bolder look. Pair them with a breezy top for an airy sleeping experience on a hot summer day.


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