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Fall Fashion: 3 Style Influencers Share What They're Excited to Wear

How they look stylish in colder weather.

Fall Fashion
TS Blog > Fall Fashion: 3 Style Influencers Share What They're Excited to Wear

Many consider fall the most fashionable season. After a long, hot summer, the cool weather calls for creativity with textures and layers, warmer materials like cashmere and wool. We asked three style influencers what they’re looking forward to wearing this season. Dust off your jackets and coats — here’s what cold weather fashion looks they’re into.

Fall Fashion

Makeda Saggau-Sackey

I would describe my style as classic, colorful and feminine. In the fall, my favorite time of year, I love to layer and dress more cozily, wearing richer textures. I love jewel tones and luxe materials like cashmere, velvet, leather and lace. In New York, it can be hot one minute and cold the next, so layering really helps.

One of my favorite fall pieces is a pleated, chocolate-hued leather skirt. It’s from Blair Eadie’s collection for Nordstrom and it’s a classic but always on trend with a beautiful cinched waist and a crocodile texture. I love to wear it with a fuzzy sweater for the ultimate fall look. I also really enjoy wearing colorful cashmere sweaters — they’re light so I can layer them. I also just bought burgundy knee high leather boots, with the perfect heel to walk in, from Vince Camuto. They’re also great for wide calves — an elusive fashion find! I just had a baby so I’m also adding fancy flats to the mix like a ballerina or kitten heel.

I layer tights so that I can keep wearing skirts in the coldest of weather. I love Uniqlo fleece-lined tights and DKNY also has some good opaque ones. I have fun gloves from Eloquii and Lord & Taylor. 

My favorite fall activity is to go up to the Catskills. My husband and I love to find a small cabin to escape and take respite from the city. This will be the first time bringing our baby with us.

Fall Fashion

Ivanka Dekoning

I would describe my style as feminine, chic and bold. I always say my style advances from summer to fall. Fall allows me to really experiment with my personal style and I get to create magic with layering, test out new trends and play with unique fabrics. I love summer, but the weather always limits my creativity.

I love to wear slouchy over-the-knee boots, oversized distressed moto jackets, pinstripe suiting and anything red. I've recently invested in these items for fall to spruce up my cold weather wardrobe. The majority of them are new styles I've never tried before, so I'm excited to challenge myself this season and create looks with them. Plus, they're all versatile — I can create at least three to four outfits for different occasions. Finally, red is the color of the season, so anything from loafers to dresses, I'll be wearing it in red.

I love layering to stay warm and I always buy my coats one size up so I can layer thick, cozy knits and light jackets underneath. If the coat fits perfectly without extra space, then I tend to not wear it all winter!

In the fall, I like going to a pumpkin patch and eating freshly made apple cider donuts (and look chic and cozy while doing it).

Fall Fashion

Brenttany Sharraine

I would describe my style as sophisticated, contemporary and timeless. I love timeless and feminine silhouettes, as well as tried-and-true patterns and more tailored styles.

In the fall, my style changes primarily in my layering. During the fall, I'm adding leather jackets, sweaters and blazers, as well as tights and boots of all kinds. I usually keep my skirts, button-down blouses and short-sleeve tops from summer. For me, those pieces are more transitional.

As someone with an angular body type (I'm a flamboyant gamine body-type), structured blazers are an essential to my personal style. Also, trench coats! They add an effortless but smart element to an outfit and the right one can bring everything together. Lastly, cashmere sweaters — they are just so versatile and in the fall they can also be worn as outerwear 

Living in a City like New York, you become savvy in your ways to stay warm without sacrificing style. I try to invest in pieces that have natural fibers like wool and cashmere in every piece of clothing, from long sleeve tops to leggings. These help so much when layering. I also love hats. Cloches, berets and fedoras are my go-tos. I try to get creative.

In the fall, nothing beats the markets, festivals and holiday shows. The markets, for instance, have such unique and festive foods. That’s definitely what I’ll be doing this season!


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