08.21.2023 • Wellness

7 Wellness Tips to Get Your Legs Through a Blazing Hot Summer

 Wellness tips for a leg care routine that works.

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It’s summer and our legs are being put to the test in more ways than one. We’re walking a lot, being exposed to hot weather and showing off more skin than usual wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. While our legs are getting a lot of air time, many of us aren’t taking extra care of them when we could be. Here are seven tips to level up your leg care routine to protect them and make them feel their best. 

Nice Legs: 7 Leg Wellbeing Tips 

 1. Anti-Chafing Shorts

If there’s one thing that’ll make your legs feel irritated and in pain in the summer, it’s chafing. Chafing can happen anywhere on your thighs and often results in skin tenderness, rashes and outright pain, preventing you from choosing outfits you love to wear and walking around comfortably. Don’t let it put a damper on your summer and instead prevent chafing with a pair of anti-chafing shorts. Our Cooling shorts are light as air and made with moisture-wicking Sensil® Breeze nylon (no sweaty butt here!); a breezy fabric layer to protect your thighs. Your legs will thank you.

 2. Soothing Creams

From chafing to mosquito bites to scratching your skin on sand at the beach, there are so many scenarios that leave your legs irritated in the summer. Take a moment to soothe your skin with skincare for legs, like a lotion or balm, at the end of the day to help them feel refreshed the next morning. Some tried-and-true skin-soothing ingredients are aloe, chamomile and rose water, so look for those in lotions. Biafine is a French pharmacy soothing favorite that soothes any leg irritation issue, even mosquito bites. To maximize the soothing effects, keep your products in the fridge to cool them down before application.

 3. Cool Showers

While we’re on the subject of cooling our bodies down, running cold water on your legs after a walking-intensive day is both refreshing and helps manage muscle aches and feelings of heaviness in your limbs, helping you feel good on your feet the following day. The cold water encourages circulation, reduces swelling and soothes overheated legs.

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4. Putting Legs Up

After your cool shower, further relax and treat your legs to some R&R by doing a “legs up against the wall” pose. It’s as simple as it sounds — find a wall, lay on your back with your bottom pressed against the wall and rest your legs upright for ideally five minutes as part of your leg care routine. This pose can help with everything from increasing circulation to relieving soreness and stretching the backs of your legs. Nice legs deserve a wall relaxation session.

5. Lymphatic Massage

The ultimate treat for nice legs that feel fantastic is a lymphatic massage, especially if your legs are swollen. A lymphatic massage is a gentle way to release excess fluid from your legs through a process called manual lymphatic drainage. This is a service offered in many massage studios and helps alleviate swelling and discomfort, especially in the summer. It’s also possible to do it on yourself, too.

6. Compression Socks on Flights

Summer is prime vacation time which means flying to close and far destinations via plane. Many people experience swelling and discomfort in their legs during flights, which can result in your shoes and pants feeling very tight once you arrive at your destination. To avoid this, wear compression socks during your next flight. On top of preventing swelling and fatigue, compression socks can also help prevent blood clots and are a secret weapon to having nice legs.

7. Stretching and Flexing

We’re constantly on our feet but often ignore the needs of our legs, which get us from point A to B all day long. Take some time out of your day to stretch your legs and flex your feet to relieve tension and maintain mobility for years to come. Some beneficial leg stretches are runners lunge, lying figure 4 and downward dog. Investing a little time into your wellbeing is the key to legs that are healthy for the decades to come.