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How to Practice Self-Care in Colder Weather

Easy self-care tips to enjoy at home when it’s cold outside.

Winter Self Care
TS Blog > How to Practice Self-Care in Colder Weather

As it gets colder, we spend more time indoors—the perfect place to indulge in a little self-care. Fall and winter can be challenging for a number of reasons, from the temperatures dropping to the days getting shorter, and it’s important to avoid a cold-weather slump. Here are some self-care tips to help you maintain your physical and mental wellness in the colder months to come. 

Winter Self-Care

1. Wear Something Cozy

There’s no better time to wear something cozy and comfortable than when it’s cold outside. We love opting for warming materials like velvet, cashmere, and rich Pima cotton and modal, which our Cotton shorts are made of. They’re perfect for layering under pants for extra warmth, for cozying up in front of the TV at home and to get that comfy beauty sleep you deserve.

2. Elevate Your Bath and Shower Time

You may no longer be jumping into lakes and oceans like you do in the summer, but there’s still a lot of quality time to be had in the water, especially in your shower or bathtub. While it doesn’t get a lot of air time in the warmer months, your tub is the place to be when it gets cold. Fill your tub with bubbles or bath bombs, light some candles, grab a book and enjoy a warm soak. If you don’t have a tub, use shower steamers and tie a eucalyptus branch above your showerhead to enjoy an aromatic experience, as the leaves emit a lovely invigorating scent released with the warm water.

3. Dry Brushing and Massage

Cold weather can make us feel sluggish, but there’s an easy remedy for that: dry brushing. Brushing your skin gently with a dry brush or loofah exfoliates the skin and stimulates your lymphatic system. It can be energizing on a dreary day as it stimulates your nervous system. Just a quick few minutes before hopping into the shower can instantly brighten your mood.

4. Sunlight

The days are getting shorter, making it extra important to catch some sun while it’s still out. Sunlight is critical for the production of Vitamin D, which helps increase serotonin, aka the happy hormone. It also aids your body in producing melatonin, a hormone that helps you get more consistent sleep. Try to catch some sun for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day during the fall and winter. Throw on a pair of our Staple shorts under your sweats and head out for a quick walk to soak up the sun. 

5. Hot Beverages

While we love an icy beverage in the summer, the fall and winter are all about warm, festive drinks. Try some new tea flavors during the day or spice up your coffee with ingredients like nutmeg or cinnamon to give them a warm, spiced flavor. For after work hours, a hot toddy is an easy-to-make hot spin on your typical cocktail — a mix of liquor (usually whiskey), hot water, honey, lemon and herbs. Mulled wine season is coming soon, too, which you can prepare at home or grab a cup of at holiday markets.

6. Create a Winter Wonderland

Creating a beautiful, festive ambience at home will help make time spent indoors much more enjoyable. This can be as simple as adding some winter-themed scented candles to create an aromatic paradise at home. We love scents like fig, amber, sandalwood or pine during colder weather to create a cozy environment. You can embrace winter decoratively by bringing in ornamental twigs, mantle decor or light-up accessories to add a little twinkle to your space. You’ll love admiring your winter wonderland while sipping on the aforementioned hot cup of tea or hot toddy.

7. Sauna

Nothing will warm you up on a cold day like a sauna, which has both mental and physical health benefits. You don’t even need to leave your home if you have a sauna blanket. Just plug it in, get into your home sauna and break a sweat. These help improve circulation and detoxify the body. It even helps your skin naturally exfoliate and look more radiant. Plus, what’s nicer than laying in a hot cocoon while it’s raining or snowing outside? Even when it’s freezing out you can create a relaxing heated moment at home for yourself as part of your winter self-care routine.


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