Do You Need a Pair of Women's Boxers? Yes, You Do

womens boxers

The concept of boxers has changed a lot over the years. Previously made of baggy material and exclusively marketed to men, there are now curve-hugging women’s boxers that are getting more popular every day. And who wouldn’t want to wear a pair of comfy boxers? They’re soft and perfectly molded to your physique, allowing you to move or relax without anything riding up or down. They don’t constrict your body and cover you up, all while being light and breezy in the spring and summer, or warm and cozy during the colder months. 

Thinking about buying a pair of women’s boxers to wear at home? Here’s why they’ll become your new closet favorite.

What are boxers for women? 

Boxers for women aren’t just a pair of baggy cotton shorts. Boxer briefs for women are typically made from stretchy, comfortable material that hug curves without compressing. They’re very similar to boy shorts and are designed to hit the upper or middle part of the thigh while sitting at the natural hip. And they’re not just for at-home wear — form-fitting styles can be worn under other clothing, on their own around the house as loungewear or even outdoors if they’re opaque enough.

Womens Boxers

4 Ways to Wear Women’s Boxers 

To Lounge

As we’re heading into the warmer months of the year, a pair of comfy boxer briefs will be your go-to. Lounge any way you like on your couch or in your bed — these seamless, stretchy babies stay in place and provide maximum comfort. Our Staple shorts are soft like butter and envelop your body in rich, velvety material. Whether it’s the weekend or time for an after-dinner movie, you’ll want to have a pair of women’s boxers on hand. The Staple shorts come in 5-, 7- and 9-inch lengths so you can wear them more like boy shorts or biker shorts, depending on your preferred style. Running out to do errands or get brunch? Throw on a baggy T-shirt or oversized button down to turn them into an outfit.

To Stretch

We love being couch potatoes sometimes, but it’s always good to move and stretch a little at home — especially if you’ve spent most of your day horizontal or sitting at a computer. Most workout pants are really compressive and not comfortable. Get some comfortable movement at home while just wearing your boxers for women. Lay down a yoga mat and do some go-to moves like cat and cow, downward dog and figure 4 stretches. You might even opt for a full workout on YouTube either to start or close out your day, or even as a midday refresh.

To Cool Off

Many simple activities at home will have you breaking a sweat and needing to cool off, from unpacking groceries to cooking a meal and cleaning. We have a solution that won’t involve you cracking a window or standing by your AC, our Cooling shorts are a great way to avoid overheating at home. They’re made with hi-tech performance fabric that’s light as air and cools your body by up to 1 degree. They’re so comfy you might even forget you’re wearing them. These women’s boxers are also the ideal bedtime companion, especially if you’re a hot sleeper. If you’re the kind person who tosses and turns in bed because you’re overheating and wakes up with the duvet far away from you, try our Cooling shorts out. Get some beauty sleep without the sticky sweat. 

For Warmth

A pair of boxers for women can also provide extra warmth and coverage in the cooler months. You can wear a pair of them on their own or under a pair of sweatpants, or as an extra warming layer under jeans and ski clothes, or over hosiery when you’re dressed in your fancy party outfits. If you don’t want to wear them as underwear alone, you can wear them over your undies for one extra layer that doesn’t add bulk or move around. Wearing a pair of women’s boxers on a cold day as a base layer will make you feel so much warmer.


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