Goodbye chafing, hello comfort

Our breathable, lightweight, ultra stretchy & comfy boxer briefs are NOT shapewear and hug your curves like a second skin.

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Seamless comfort

No front, back or side seams — our non-abrasive inner thigh panel won’t rug against your legs. We take seamless to a whole new level.

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Chafe-free confidence

Wear that dress or skirt worry-free. Our barely there shorties keep your thighs happy and disappear underneath any outfit.

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Keep things cool

Hot weather is the perfect time for chafing, but our revolutionary hi-tech cooling fabric keeps body heat and sweat at bay.

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Wear skirts & dresses with reckless abandon!
Thigh coverage from XS to 6XL

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The Cooling

$39 USD

Chill out in our lightest shorts yet. Made with silky, hi-tech performance fabric that pulls heat and moisture away from the body. We feel better already.


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Moisture wicking for hot days

Very light coverage—our thinnest short

Finding the perfect anti-chafe shorts can be a struggle. Your search is over

Ultra-thin, ultra-comfortable, ultra-stretchy fabric

This is NOT shapewear! Our shorts don’t compress you or suck you in like shapewear.

Ultra thin, breathable fabric prevents thigh chafe without adding bulk under clothes.

Silky soft finish.

Smooth hug fit won’t leave red marks and indentations on your skin.

Fabric stretches to double the width without digging in, rolling or riding up and won’t bag or sag.

Fully seamless technology moves with you

Flat, no bulk seams.

No front, back or side seams (comfort plus no visible panty lines).

Completely seamless except for the non-abrasive inner thigh panel flat seams.

Tagless so there are no itchy tags to cut off.

No wedgies!

Cotton crotch, wear with or without undies.

The ultimate moisture-wicking sweat hack

Pulls sweat and heat away from your body-ody-ody.

Fabric can lower body temp by up to 1 degree.

Prevent rashes that are caused by rubbing and friction.

Perfect for hot or humid days where chafe is most common.

Wear when you...

Detailed specs


Comfort, super soft waistband doesn’t pinch or bind.

Inner thigh panel

Wide inner thigh panel with non-abrasive flat seams that won’t rub together when you walk.

Leg band/leg opening

We don’t use silicone grippers or pinchy elastics, and the fabric lays flat against your skin without squeezing.

Cotton crotch

Knit-in cotton crotch so you can go commando if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad you asked. Think of them as a combination between an old-school slip, a boxer brief and a bike short: They give you coverage under short or too-sheer outfits, stop your inner thighs from trying to start a forest fire, and light smoothing with no VPL (the word “panties” weirds us out, too). Plus, the knit-in cotton-rich crotch means you can wear them without underwear if you want, eliminating the need for an extra layer.

Thigh Society shorts don’t compress you or inflict tight belly pressure discomfort like shapewear. Instead, they’re a lightweight, breathable and extra gentle long underwear essential you’ll reach for through pregnancy and beyond.

They’re made of hi-tech fabric that lowers the body temperature. (If you want to get geeky about it, the flat cross-section of the yarn offers a wide surface area that quickly releases body heat from your skin.) The yarn texturizing process gives the shorts incredible breathability; the finished ultra-thin fabric is a breeze to wear, literally.

Flexible and stretchy, our waistband is made from the same fabric as the shorts, just double-folded and sewn-in. It stretches to your bump, never digging into your skin. The waistband is like the Loch Ness Monster — you’ll doubt it really exists.

About Us

Quality you can count on

Proudly woman-founded and designed in Canada, our shorts are masterminded by a team of fabric experts and knitting technicians with decades of experience in intimates and high-performance clothing. We also sourced the best yarns and threads, for premium-quality knits. That means that our slip shorts have wicking properties, a signature fit, and a feel that other shorts just don’t. Yes, we take the production process very, very seriously.

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Rave reviews

You’re making us blush.

"I used to think that in order to protect my thighs I would have to deal with restricting shapewear, but the Thigh Society has changed my life! The Ultra high rise slip shorts are so light and comfortable. I highly recommend these to anyone that deals the dreaded chub rub."

Kayta Fondeur


"These shorts are AMAZING for when I'm wearing a dress and don't want my poor thighs to chafe. They make wearing dresses comfortable, and I love that if my dress blows up I have the shorts to give me some more privacy. They're also good for holding my lower belly in, without being too tight. Overall I love my shorts!"

Danielle Beiermann


"These shorts do not ride up.  The waistband does not roll down. That is a miracle! To say nothing of the extremely lightweight chafe protection!"

Laura Grimsley


"Y'all! These are it!! The first time I wore them, I kept looking behind me on the sidewalk to make sure I hadn't lost them. I checked a couple of times to make sure they hadn't bunched up in my crotch. Nope. They just disappear! And I will agree that they keep me cooler. I'm excited for my size to be restocked so I can complete my wardrobe!"

Terri Kilpatrick


"I love them. It’s like wearing nothing under a dress but there is no chafing! Stayed cool even on a 90+ day. And they really don’t roll. Amazing!"

Jacqueline Anderson


"LOVE these. Dream come true. I'm ultra sensitive to anything hugging my gut. And also to wedgies and thigh chafing and basically anything that doesn't feel like I'm floating in a cloud. These shorts are wonderful. Comfortable. Could sleep in them. They don't ride up. They breathe well. If I were rich I'd buy every color in every length."

Naseem Bazargan


"I have been looking for something to help with the chafing for a long time. And these were perfect! I wore them under leggings and was able to walk all day with no issues! Highly recommend."



"Oh my lord where do I start?! I wear these under my jeans, dresses, and most gym clothes!!! My chub rub had gotten so bad that the thought of the treadmill or elliptical was enough to send me running for the lotions/creams/balms to slather myself in before each gym sesh. NO MORE. I will absolutely be buying so many more pairs of those. The positive reviews are all on point. Thank you TS for saving my poor skin from anymore chafing and blisters!!!!"

Jennifer Shortlidge


"I’m actually obsessed with these. I’m 6ft tall and 350lb. I hate feeling restrained in tight pants and most jeans. These are fantastic, Ive been looking for something to help ease chub rub for my entire life. These do that. They’re so freeing."

Emily Hall


"I’m obsessed with these shorts! I used to avoid wearing dresses unless I could wear tights under them because of uncomfortable chafing. These shorts are long enough to cover where my thighs rub, but short enough to be worn under most dresses! And they’re so comfortable you won’t even notice you're wearing them. I’ve already bought more!"

Lisa Sutch


"I have a closet full of skirts and have been avoiding them because of, well you know … thigh chafing ! These shorts feel SO GOOD on my body I want to wear them all day ! Now I get to choose skirts or pants - what a nice freedom ! THANK YOU for making a wonderful product ! I’ll be back for more"

Alicia G


"These are quite literally the best investment I have ever made.  I am constantly on the go and wearing dresses at work.. these have eliminated all chafing and kept me cool and dry!!! Do not hesitate."

Chelsea F