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The Cooling


Sizes XS - 6XL

A moisture-wicking, ultra-cool base layer.
Sizes XS to 6XL

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The Cooling

$39 USD

Chill out in our lightest shorts yet. Made with silky, hi-tech performance fabric that pulls heat and moisture away from the body. We feel better already.


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Moisture wicking for hot days

Very light coverage—our thinnest short

Rave reviews

You’re making us blush.

No swamp butt from sweating polyester shapewear. And now I can wear awesome dresses and skirts on those super hot days and be cool!

— Oenit


They are comfy around my belly and on my legs and stay surprisingly immune to heat and sweating.

— Kelly


These shorts are different. They're breathable. I don't even feel them on. No more sweaty thighs!

— Stephanie


I love these slip shorts. They stay put and on hot, sweaty days they keep you dry and unchafed.

— Julie


I wanted something that would prevent chafing but was NOT shapewear because I hate being squeezed. I bought two and will definitely buy more!

— Rebecca


Your loungewear solution to summer sweat and sticky skin

Cool things down while you lounge

No more sticky thighs during your power nap

Prevents rashes and pimples caused by sweat, rubbing and friction

Layer underneath your cozies to stay cool without skimping on comfort

Sweat-free means stress-free

No more leaving wet marks behind

Saves your clothes from sweat marks and stains

Keeps your bits feeling fresh down-there all day long

Ultra-breathable, ultra-stretchy, body-cooling fabric

Innovative fabric cools the body by up to 1 degree

So breathable and lightweight you’ll feel like you’re naked

Silky, sleek finish feels like a breath of fresh air on your skin

Smooth hug fit that stretches to double its width without digging in or riding up

Wear The Cooling when you want to…

Detailed specs


Comfort, super soft waistband doesn’t pinch or bind.

Inner thigh panel

Wide inner thigh panel with non-abrasive flat seams that won’t rub together when you walk.

Leg band/leg opening

We don’t use silicone grippers or pinchy elastics, and the fabric lays flat against your skin without squeezing.

Cotton crotch

Knit-in cotton crotch so you can go commando if you want.

The Cooling

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ultra-stretchy, ultra-comfy shorties are an upgrade to traditional loungewear because  they offer the same comfort without any front, back or side seams, no thick elastic waistband or pinchy leg bands, and innovative cooling and sweat-wicking for even the most sweltering summer days.

We know that adding a layer to cool down seems counterintuitive, but hear us out. Our Cooling shorties are made from hi-tech performance fabric that’s proven to actually cool your body by up to 1 degree. (If you want to get geeky about it, the flat cross-section of the yarn offers a wide surface area that quickly releases body heat from your skin.) The silky smooth, sheer fabric feels icy against the skin while wicking sweat and reducing the sweaty butt phenomenon, keeping you feeling fresh and dry. They’re a breeze to wear — literally.

Short answer, no! Longer answer, Thigh Society shorties don’t compress you or suck you in like shapewear. Instead, they’re a lightly smoothing, breathable, sweat-wicking essential you’ll reach for again and again. If you run hot — or are one of those people who’s constantly setting the thermostat to “meat locker” temperature — The Cooling shorts are going to be a revelation. You can even sleep in them (said no one ever about shapewear).

Flexible and stretchy, our waistband is made from the same fabric as the shorts, just double-folded and sewn-in. It stretches to your curves, never cuts into them, and is designed to stay in place without rolling down. The waistband is like the Loch Ness Monster: you’ll doubt it really exists.

About Us

Quality you can count on

Proudly woman-founded and designed in Canada, our shorts are masterminded by a team of fabric experts and knitting technicians with decades of experience in intimates and high-performance clothing. We also sourced the best yarns and threads, for premium-quality knits. That means that our slip shorts have wicking properties, a signature fit, and a feel that other shorts just don’t. Yes, we take the production process very, very seriously.

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