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The Original

$39 USD

The shorts that started it all! These super-versatile, velvety wonders give off supportive bike short vibes and are opaque, so they can be layered under clothes or worn alone.


Feels effortless, looks like shorts

Coverage: Opaque

A Base Layer Worth Showing Off

So Comfy

Light to Real-Deal Coverage

Wear Under Clothes or Alone


Est. 2014

No Rolling or Riding Up

The Original

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The Original

Frequently Asked Questions

We know, right? It’s partly because of the clever construction, partly because of the first-rate fabric blend, and partly because it supports your body without feeling constricting.

We’re glad you asked. Think of them as a combination between an old-school slip, a boxer brief and a bike short: They give you coverage under short or too-sheer outfits, stop your inner thighs from trying to start a forest fire, and light smoothing with no VPL (the word “panties” weirds us out, too). Plus, the knit-in cotton-rich crotch means you can wear them without underwear if you want, eliminating the need for an extra layer.

Thigh Society shorts don’t compress you or suck you in like shapewear. Instead, they’re a lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking essential you’ll reach for again and again.

Flexible and stretchy, our waistband is made from the same fabric as the shorts, just double-folded and sewn-in. It stretches to your curves, never cuts into them. The waistband is like the Loch Ness Monster: you’ll doubt it really exists.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Leach
Fit: True to Size
Pant Size: M
Size Purchased: S/M
No more thigh rub

I love summer to wear cute little dresses, but wearing panty hose is a definite no-no. Thighsociety has come to the rescue — cute dresses + thighsociety = comfort and compliments.

Katie Putnal
Fit: True to Size
Pant Size: 3XL
Size Purchased: 3XL/4XL
Fit great!

The shorts are nice and stretchy

Fit: True to Size
Pant Size: L
Size Purchased: L/XL

I wear size 10-14 shorts/pants, depending on the maker. I got the Cotton, and the Cooling in L/XL. The Cooling's are ok, but I don't like the material. The Cotton's are terrific and I can't stand to take them off. I'm wearing them around the house, and to sleep in. I've worn the Cooling's under linen slacks, but you can see the line through the pants. If they were longer, they'd be invisible, and more comfortable for me. My main gripe is that the ones I like do not come in lengths longer than 9". As others have said, it would make a lot more sense to offer them all in 11" lengths. I will probably get another Cotton pair...but I'll need to work overtime to pay for them!

J White
Fit: True to Size
Pant Size: 2XL
Size Purchased: XL/2XL
Game changer

Love both pairs I purchased! I can wear them in summer and I don’t sweat! Love them!!!! Get you some pairs!

Fit: True to Size
Pant Size: L
Size Purchased: M/L
Comfy not cool

These are comfortable for cooler temperatures, not at all a cooling short, definitely would give you the swamp sensation during the summer, but I wear these early morning or inside (with air conditioning)

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