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The Best Group Halloween Costumes to Wear in 2023

Spooky, funny and stylish group costumes for you and your friends.

Group Halloween Costumes
TS Blog > The Best Group Halloween Costumes to Wear in 2023

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re doing a group costume, there are so many fun options to choose from. Pop culture is always a great source of inspiration —  get creative with slang expressions (see example 10 for that one) or find inspiration in movie or TV characters. From funny group costume ideas to ones that cause a fright, here’s our selection of the best group Halloween outfits.

1. Barbies

The number one movie of the year was all about women’s empowerment and representation, and as such it makes a great costume for a group of friends. Just like in the movie, the Barbies shouldn’t all be blondes, but a diverse ensemble — we definitely want to see at least one Weird Barbie and even an Andy, too.

 2. Horror Movie Villains

Halloween definitely has a scary element to it, so why not dress up as a group of horror movie villains to give people goosebumps when they see you? Some classic horror movies to inspire you are “Halloween,” “The Ring”, “The Shining”, “It” and “Friday the 13th”. The best part about these costumes? Many of them can be bought last minute online or put together with makeup and the help of YouTube tutorials.

 3. Princess Diana

The People’s Princess, Princess Diana, will always be remembered for her trailblazing style, especially her iconic biker shorts outfits. Link up with your friends for Halloween in this regal yet casual outfit, ideally wearing a pair of our Cotton shorts as the biker shorts component of the look.

 4. Love Island

Everyone’s guilty pleasure TV show also makes a funny group Halloween costume. We know that less is more clothing-wise on “Love Island”, so opt for swimwear, face jewels, body glitter and more to show some sparkly skin. Everyone’s a bombshell with this group costume!

5. Magic Mike

@otroligtbracontent2 #magicmike #halloween #part2 @sprangd.groda @Livia @Juliaa🤍 ♬ original sound - 🎧

Sure, the movie is about male exotic dancers, but it’s extra funny when a group of women do it as a costume. It’s also surprisingly easy to put together — all you need is a pair of sweats, a white tank top, a baseball cap and a necklace to look just like Mike. Just work on your seductive dance moves because those are essential in the costume, and even better if you coordinate your moves with the other Mikes.

6. Scooby Doo

Another classic group costume that’s especially cool if you manage to round up the whole gang including Velma, Shaggy, Daphne and Fred. Colorful sweaters and accessories are key to making these retro costumes come to life.

7. Mean Girls

“Mean Girls” never goes out of style, and dressing yourself as the characters in the movie is an easy last-minute costume choice. Remember how they all wear pink on Wednesdays? That could be an easy styling choice for you and your best friends. Another option are the red dresses they wore for their Christmas show. More into Janis and Damien? All you’ll need is a punk-rock outfit, and a hoodie and sunglasses..

8. The Craft

This spooky and empowering Y2K movie is perfect for a group Halloween costume. Since the characters in the movie all attend Catholic school with a uniform, wearing the same plaid skirt is almost your entire costume. Top with a white shirt and some witchy accessories and you’ve nailed the look.

 9. Spice Girls

The ultimate early aughts girl group and the perfect costume for a crew of friends. Ideally you would be all five group members (Baby, Sporty, Posh, Ginger and Scary), but the outfits also work if there’s just two of you. Plus, there’s a good chance you have a suitable outfit somewhere in your closet, even if it’s just a little black dress and brunette bob wig to look like Victoria Beckham.

10. Looking Like Snacks

What’s better than looking like a snack? You and all of your friends looking like snacks together. You can get pretty literal with this one and dress up as your favorite treat — it can be anything from Little Debbie Honey Buns to Flaming Hot Cheetos.

11. Power Rangers

This is the perfect costume for a group of friends that kick ass. Just have each of your friends pick a color and you’re set for a night out. The costumes are form-fitting yet comfy. If you want to drop it low on the dance floor or do a high kick, your outfit can easily do both. And the helmet gives incognito party vibes or protects your head if it’s cold outside.

Whatever Halloween costume you’re wearing this season, don’t let your tush or thighs get cold. Throw on a pair of Thigh Society shorts underneath for added coverage and warmth, and let the good times roll.


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