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10 Ways to Use Our New Cargo Shorts Pocket

These are the shorts that’ll make you say, “And they have a pocket!” Now here’s how to use it.

Thigh Society Cargo Shorts
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Do you ever find yourself wearing bike shorts and wishing they had a pocket? Well, we have some great news for you. We love to take great things and make them even better, which is why we updated our beloved bestselling Thigh Society Original shorts and added something new — a pocket! We originally received the pocket suggestion from our customers, so you helped make this happen.

Our Cargo shorts are anti-chafing superheroes just like our other styles, but these ones let you stow a small item or two while you’re on the go. You’ll be chafe-, butt sweat- and hands-free with these versatile beauties that are practical and effortless at the same time.

Here are ten things you can carry with you in our brand-new pocketed Cargo shorts:

1. Phone

If you’re anything like us, you probably never leave the house without your phone. The pocket in our Cargo shorts is conveniently large enough to fit a phone (yes, even the Pro Max iPhones!), making it a safe haven for your number one digital companion. Your device is still close by, but now you can quickly stow it while you’re grabbing a coffee in your neighborhood or out in nature hiking. No more awkwardly fumbling with your phone when you’re carrying something or running a quick errand. And yes, we’ve tested it: Your shorts won’t fall down, even with a heavy phone in the pocket.

2. Credit Cards

If you don’t want to bring your entire wallet somewhere but also don’t want to hold your credit card in your hand, our new pocket short is the perfect solution. Just pop your card into the Cargo pocket and you’re good to go. No more rummaging around in your handbag for your wallet or worrying that you might accidentally drop your card somewhere. Our pocket safely stores your credit card so that you can make payments while on the go. Pro tip: You can keep your cards or passport safe and undetectable in the pocket while traveling.

 3. Lip Balm or Lipstick

No more chapped or dry lips while you’re out exploring the world — our pocket carries your favorite lip balm or lipstick with ease. The next time you’re out sightseeing and your lips feel parched, your lip balm won’t be far away to help you rehydrate. The same applies to your lipstick — if you need a touch up of your color, your lippie is just one reach away so your pout always looks flawless.  

4. Hotel Key Card

Sometimes all you need at a hotel is your key and our Cargo shorts pocket is the most convenient place to store it while you head to breakfast, check out the spa or go for a quick dip in the pool. Just like a credit card, our new shorts are ideal for safeguarding your key. The Cargo short is the definition of traveling light.

 5. Identification

It never hurts to have your ID on hand, especially when you’re traveling in a new country or heading out for a cocktail (and may still get carded). It might only be a sliver of plastic, but your ID definitely deserves a safe storage spot. Our pocket takes care of that.

Thigh Society Cargo Shorts

6. AirPods

You’re a music lover on the go — that’s why you need your AirPods on hand at all times. The Cargo pocket is an audiophile’s dream, allowing easy access when you want to listen to music or easy storage for those moments you don’t.

7. House Key

You’re stepping out to get your mail or a delivery and need quick place to stash your key while you carry your online shopping deliveries (we see you)? No problem, the pocket will hold your house key while you grab your items. It comes in especially handy on those days you’re precariously carrying multiple boxes and don’t have an extra hand for your keys.

 8. Gum, Mints and Candy

It’s always nice to refresh your palate with a mint or piece of gum, and our Cargo shorts hold any flavored item you like. Enjoy a Tic Tac or a piece of candy from your pocket when you need to freshen up while out on the town (or on a hot date!). We’ve all had that moment when we found an unexpected treat and the side of your shorts are the perfect place to store a sweet or minty surprise.

 9. Insulin Pump

Our Cargo shorts have some major health benefits, too. As pointed out by one of our customers, our new Cargo shorts are perfect to carry an insulin pump, which is essential to many who have diabetes. It administers insulin delivery to the body and our Cargo shorts offer an easy and comfortable way to wear it.

10. Hair Tie

If you have long hair, you’re familiar by now with the uncomfortable dampness that collects on the back of your neck — and how good it feels to tie your hair up and give that area some ventilation. The Cargo pocket is a great size for hair ties and clips, or even bobby pins and claw clips if you’re trying to tame some flyaways.

There are so many useful ways to use our brand-new Cargo shorts. Try them out for yourself by shopping below!


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