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All of the Summer Shorts We Love

The shorts you’ll love wearing this summer.

Summer Shorts
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Summer is practically synonymous with shorts; it’s the time of year when we want to stay cool in the heat and also show off some leg. But choosing the perfect pair of summer shorts can be slightly overwhelming, given there are so many types and lengths to choose from. That’s why we’ve made a handy guide to all things summer shorts featuring various materials, features and lengths.

Summer Shorts: 4 Ways to Wear Them 

1. Short Shorts

There’s no better way to show off your gams than with a pair of short shorts, since they highlight the majority of your legs in their full glory. Finding the right pair of short shorts can be tricky since they can ride up, dig into your skin, or give you a wedgie or cameltoe if they’re too tight or too short.

If you want to avoid all of these pesky issues, wear super soft material and show off your legs, our five inch shorts are the perfect short shorts length and fit. Our newest model of shorts, The Cargo, comes in this length and is extremely comfortable. Best of all, they feature a pocket perfect for when you’re on the go this summer and need to stash your credit card or keys. They elevate the short shorts look to something even more practical than the average short.

2. Denim Shorts

Denim shorts or jorts (aka long denim shorts) are a summer staple and the ultimate cute summer shorts look. One thing that makes them so appealing is that you can easily just throw a T-shirt or tank top on with a pair and you’re ready to go. Plus, denim shorts come in an array of washes, lengths, materials and unique details.

The one downside to denim shorts is that 100 percent denim is a rigid material and can be uncomfortable for sitting or walking for long periods of time in. If you want to go for a denim color or vibe but not the discomfort, we have shorts in Chambray and Indigo to give you the blue jeans aesthetic without the squeeze. Our Original shorts in Chambray are slightly sheer, so best worn at home, but Indigo ones are mostly opaque and perfect for running errands paired with a T-shirt. You can also layer our shorts underneath your jean shorts or jorts to prevent the denim irritating your skin, if you’re really determined to wear them.

Woman holding summer shorts

3. Cotton Shorts

Cotton shorts are our go-to when it comes to cute shorts for summer. They’re comfortable and look stunning in both simple colors, like white, or brighter hues, like pastels. Cotton shorts can be short, mid-knee or long, hitting just above the knee. This year, the jogger-style cotton short is particularly popular, sometimes worn casually with a T-shirt or one part of the popular blazer-with-shorts look. There are so many fashionable ways to wear your short shorts this summer.

Another extremely popular cotton shorts look is black cotton biker shorts, dressed up or down, and our Cotton shorts are perfect for recreating that look. They’re semi-sheer so you won’t want to wear them alone, but they look fantastic under a sheer dress or with an oversized shirt or blazer.

 4. Cooling Shorts

One of the reasons why we love shorts in the summer is because of the extra ventilation they give our skin during scorching hot days. Linen is a popular fabric to wear in the summer because it’s breezy, keeps you cool and looks polished while walking around outside or eating alfresco. Linen shorts often feature tailoring or belting to elevate a look while staying comfortable and chic.  

While linen is great, people often complain that it’s rough or itchy against the skin, not unlike denim. Our Cooling shorts layer perfectly underneath linen outfits by providing a barrier between your skin and the material, and helping mitigate any sweating. They’re made with special moisture-wicking and cooling material, which can help lower your body temperature by up to one degree. And while they’re light as air, they sure accomplish a lot — they prevent the always dreaded summer swamp ass, stop chafing and prevent skin rashes from irritation. We have a wide variety of colors and lengths of body-cooling shorts you will absolutely love wearing during the summer.


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