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All the ways you didn’t know you could use your chafewear

Just because you’ve hung up your summer dresses for the season doesn’t mean you can’t get some use out of your chafewear.

Surprising Ways to Use Anti-Chafing Shorts
TS Blog > All the ways you didn’t know you could use your chafewear

So you have a drawer full of chafewear. They’ve saved your inner thighs from chafing on many occasions, but they sit there, unused, in the cooler months or when your outfit just doesn’t call for it (so you think). Spoiler alert: anti-chafing shorts can actually be used in a variety of ways that might surprise you, like for extra warmth in the cooler months or underneath your ripped jeans. Here, the top ways to incorporate chafewear into your fall fashion wardrobe.

1. Overtop of hosiery

Just because your thighs are covered by fabric doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe from chub rub. Bummer, we know, but chafewear can be used in these scenarios, too. Have you ever found yourself feeling the heat between your thighs while wearing hosiery or tights? That’s because the typical fabric used in hosiery is rough and causes friction. That’s great, since the tougher fabric will help them stand the test of time, but it’s bad news for your legs. Throw on a pair of our anti-chafing shorts overtop of your tights for an extra thin layer. Your inner thighs will thank you, and it won’t impact your look.

2. Underneath jeans

We’ve all been here before. You’re out and about, and suddenly you feel a burning sensation on your inner thigh. Little did you know, you’d already worn through the fabric of your jeans, and now it’s just denim to skin as you walk. This is the moment you’ll want to find the closest washroom and throw on your favorite anti-chafing shorts (we recommend these ones because they’re extra thin) underneath your jeans. Now, you can continue on your day and even give your jeans a second life by pairing them with your shorts.

3. With your rompers, scrubs and drop-crotch pants

Rompers are adorable, but not always the most thigh friendly. They typically feature a looser fit in the thigh, which makes for a beautiful, comfortable silhouette, but can also ride up and cause chafing when walking. Throwing on a pair of anti-chafing shorts close to your skin tone is a fool-proof way to avoid chafing. An added bonus is that they help keep things covered and modest, too, if that’s your preference. No worries about flashing your group as you sit cross-legged for a picnic in the park! Anti-chafing shorts come in handy underneath loose-fitting clothing, too, which we know can cause inner-thigh chafing. Wearing your shorts underneath scrubs or drop-crotch bottoms (aka pants with low-hanging inseams) helps protect your thighs from rubbing together and against traditionally rough material. 

4. For extra warmth

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’re likely familiar with some bitterly cold winters that require us to plan ahead and layer up for whatever weather comes our way. Not-so-fun fact: bums are actually one of our body parts that get cold quicker than the rest, given they have less blood flow and fewer sweat glands. Next time you’re heading out tobogganing, skating or on a wintery walk, throw on a pair of cozy anti-chafing shorts to keep your bottom and upper thighs toasty. They’re a must-have for those who love winter sports, as they’ll keep you dry, warm and clean, thanks to their sweat-wicking and naturally antibacterial properties.

5. For sleeping

Want that naked-but-not-naked feeling when you’re sleeping? We swear by our anti-chafing shorts (especially these ones) for this exact reason. The fabrics we use are super soft, with a knit-in cotton crotch for that barely-there feeling that will keep you cool and comfortable at night.

Your chub rub shorts needn’t be hidden away in your drawers for the warmer seasons to roll back around. While they’re technically called chafewear, they have so many purposes beyond just wearing underneath dresses. After all, we want you to live your best life—and a best life is seasonless.


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