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Chafewear is genderless: Here’s why anti-chafing shorts are for everyone

Chafing isn’t just a problem for women, so why are anti-chafing shorts mostly marketed to them?

Chafewear is Genderless
TS Blog > Chafewear is genderless: Here’s why anti-chafing shorts are for everyone

A quick Google search of anything related to inner-thigh chafing produces results mostly targeted to women. The truth is, though, that it doesn’t matter what sex you were assigned at birth or how you identify now—anybody (and any body) can experience the dreaded chub rub and anyone can benefit from a life-changing pair of anti-chafing shorts.

Gendering products isn’t new—just look at how we market razors, hygiene products and even, hilariously, ballpoint pens. When it comes to fashion, it can be tricky not to fall into the trap of gendered marketing, as there’s still a prevailing idea that gender and biological sex are the same thing, and that certain types of garments are meant for one and not the other. At Thigh Society, we know that gender is fluid and are taking steps to make our future campaigns reflect this. 

Here’s why chafewear is genderless, and how everyone can make use of it.

Chafewear isn’t just for chafing

This probably sounds counterintuitive, but hear us out. Our anti-chafing shorts, especially the Cooling Short, also helps wick away sweat and regulate body temperature. Even if you don’t typically experience chafing, you might be familiar with having a particularly sweaty netherregion, also known as swamp ass. Our shorts can help keep you feeling dry and comfortable, whether you’re out for a leisurely bike ride or rocking out on the drums, like one of Thigh Society’s happy customers.

“I’m a professional drummer (and a guy) and we get something a lot of us call ‘gig butt.’ We’re basically running the equivalent of a 10K while sitting down,” he writes in his review. “Let’s face it, it gets super hot and gross down there. All I can say is, [the Cooling Short is] perfect for me to wear on gigs. And best of all, they really help with sweaty situations and eliminate ‘gig butt’!”

Chafewear isn’t just for people assigned female at birth

Inner-thigh chafing has long been considered a female problem, primarily because people assigned female at birth tend to carry more weight in body parts like their thighs, which can make chafing harder to deal with. But what we’ve known for a long time is that not everyone assigned female at birth (AFAB) identifies as a woman, and not everyone assigned male at birth (AMAB) identifies as a man. In fact, there is an entire spectrum of gender that gets forgotten about when these incredible products hit the market. Chafewear could even, for some folks, be gender affirming. Pairing our anti-chafing shorts with a binder or gaff, for example, could offer someone enough comfort and coverage to help them feel more at home and at ease in their bodies.. We know there’s a lot of toxic masculinity in the fashion world, meaning there’s a belief that certain garments are considered only for women and vice versa, and wearing those garments can make people “less manly” or “less womanly”. Together, let’s reclaim chafewear for all genders.

Chafing can happen to anyone and any body

Simply put, chafing happens when there is skin-to-skin contact and excessive rubbing, especially when combined with body sweat. This can occur in the heels of shoes, under armpits, and in the upper-thigh or groin area. The latter is often a problem for men, and happens frequently when running, exercising or walking long distances. Sometimes, it has no bearing on whether or not there is body fat, but rather how the pelvis is structured. Gender doesn’t matter in this case—men and non-binary folks, as well as women, can benefit from protecting their upper-thigh area from chafing by investing in a pair of anti-chafing shorts, which can be worn underneath shorts or pants during a workout or day out in the sun.

No matter how you express your gender identity, you deserve to live comfortably in your body, and oftentimes that means avoiding inner-thigh chafing or excessive sweating. Consider this permission to wear whatever you want.


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