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Skorts: 5 Ways to Style This Trending Piece

How to wear this comfy and cool trending piece.

TS Blog > Skorts: 5 Ways to Style This Trending Piece

We’re declaring this summer the summer of skorts, the versatile two-in-one piece everywhere is wearing right now. Skorts are a great way to show off your legs while still being able to move and sit comfortably without suffering from chafe or flashing anyone. Available in a variety of materials from rigid denim to flowy nylon, there’s a skort to suit every taste and lifestyle. Thinking about wearing this warm weather staple? We’re sharing 5 ways to style this multitasking wardrobe item. 

What Is a Skort? 

As you can probably tell by the name, a skort is a blend between a skirt and shorts. A bit of an optical illusion, the front of a skort typically looks like a skirt, while the back looks like shorts — but skorts these days also refer to a skirt with a pair of built-in shorts underneath too. Skorts typically run shorter in length, ending at the mid-thigh to really show off those legs. 

How to Style a Skort?

Skorts can serve as the base for a low-key outfit or something a little fancier. They can be sporty when worn to play sports, city-friendly when worn with flats or sneakers or dressed up with heels for a night out. While they’re typically worn in warmer weather, you could easily style a skort with boots and tights, especially if they come in a dark color or thicker material.

What to Wear with a Skort

Skorts are versatile and can be worn with a wide array of tops. From T-shirts to button downs to tucked-in fitted sweaters, skorts go with many shirt options, making them simple to style on chilly and hot days.


5 Ways to Wear a Skort 

1. Black and White Skort Outfit

Skorts are trending but that doesn’t mean that your look can’t be timeless. Go for a classic and elegant color combo by pairing a white button down with a black skort, or swap the order for an evening look by pairing a black button down with a white skort. This look may be a little too hot to wear on a sunny day, but it’s perfect for a chic look in the evening, especially with some black heels or chunky loafers and a cute sock.

2. DIY Skort

This might be the most unique skort on the list, but we love a DIY moment! Since we make shorties that look great with short skirts, you can make your own skort by wearing Thigh Societies underneath your favorite skirts. Our 5-inch length really lends itself to this look as it can be worn with miniskirts. If you opt for one of our Cargo shorties, you’ll even have a pocket to make your life easier by storing your credit card, keys or gum easily with no one ever knowing. We love a practical yet cute outfit.

3. Tennis Girl

Athleisure is still going very strong in 2024 and one of the standout looks of the season is the tennis girl aesthetic, complete with a tennis skort. Go for an all-white look on a scorching day to stay cool while grabbing a smoothie or running errands. The tennis skort is perfect for walking around and will allow you to sit, walk and even jog comfortably as you keep busy. Plus if you want to partake in a sport like pickleball, you’re already dressed and ready to get active.

4. Denim Skort and Floral Shirt

A denim skort with a floral button down is a romantic and stylish look to wear on your next date night. Choose from a variety of washes and prints; lighter denim washes pair well with pastel-hued floral shirts, while darker denim works best with more colorful prints. Anchor your look with a pair of espadrilles and you have a great summer outfit.

5. All Black Skort Look

Black never goes out of style and an all-black skort look is refined and chic. Pair a fitted black bodysuit with a tailored black skort for a super elegant statement outfit. Elevate this look even further by wearing an oversized blazer and sandals or stilettos. Skorts don’t always need to be sporty and an all-black skort ensemble can be very sophisticated.

Skorts are everywhere this season and are simple to tailor to whatever style suits you best. Even if you don’t have a skort yet, you could DIY your own to merge function with fashion, while staying chafe-free, sweat-free and comfortable all season long. Skorts can be worn any time of day and for a wide array of events making them a must-have closet staple.


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