01.30.2023 • Fashion

4 Springs Trends to Try in 2023

From the runways to the racks, these are the spring fashion trends we think you’ll love. And they all go with your favorite Thigh Society shorts.

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Image source: @barbieferreira/Instagram, @jennifer_casimiro/Instagram

We may only be a few weeks into January, but spring fashion trends have already made their way from the runways to the racks. But dressing for a new season after just getting used to the cold weather again can be tricky. What spring clothes should we be buying anyways?

If you take a look at the runways, spring fashion might feel a bit disorganized and chaotic (or as some would say, fun). Models donned a little bit of everything from metallics and glitters to dramatic volume, sheer mesh, bright satins, dyed leather, cut-out denim and even grungy flannels. It feels like, well, everything is coming back in style or sticking around since Y2K reemerged in the fashion world last year.

The days of stuffy, structured, tight-to-the-body clothes are over (at least for now). Trade your skinny jeans and tailored blazers for baggy jeans and sheer tops. Think model off-duty, but better. Spring outfits for women this year are all about elevated casual comfort—and we’re here for it. 

Here, 4 trends you’ll want to incorporate into your spring fashion picks for 2023. (And yes, all of your Thigh Society shorts will go with every single one of these cute spring outfit ideas.)

Sheer everything


Remember when everyone was yelling about freeing the nip? Well, now it’s free the everything. The naked dressing trend is back and better than ever—and it’s a powerful move for all body types. If you’re struggling to picture what this trend is, just think back to Rihanna’s sheer Adam Selman gown from the CFDA Awards in 2014. But you don’t have to bare it all to take part (unless you want to, of course). This trend is all about celebrating our bodies, and it’s easy to adjust in a way that feels comfortable for you. Try a mesh top paired with a bralette underneath, or a sheer dress overtop of your favorite bodysuit. You could even sport a sheer pair of pants with a matching pair of Thigh Society shorts to give you a bit more coverage. 

What we love most about this trend is the possibility for plus size spring outfits—many of these mesh items fit a wide range of sizes by stretching and conforming to the body. No woman left behind when it comes to sheer dressing this season.

Baggy jeans


When it comes to nailing your casual spring outfits, baggy jeans are the ticket. And no, you don’t have to succumb to the low-rise denim trend if you want to rock a pair of voluminous pants. Denim has already been trending towards a more relaxed fit thanks to the resurgence of 90s and early aughts fashion, but now they’re back for good. If you adore your skinny jeans and are holding onto them for dear life, do you. But if you want to step into an updated, on-trend look, put the skinnies in storage and get yourself a pair of baggy or wide-leg jeans.

But here’s the thing: if you have thicker thighs, wearing baggy clothes can often be the reason you experience chub rub or inner-thigh chafing. Loose-fitting clothes can add a layer of friction to your legs that are already running together. There’s a simple solution, and it’s wearing a pair of Thigh Society shorts under your baggy denim. We recommend the Cooling Short—they’re thin, durable, cooling and you won’t even know they’re there.

Oversized blazers


A blazer can truly bring an outfit together. You can throw them on over jeans and a T-shirt, pair it with a sweatsuit to elevate an otherwise super chill look or wear them with coordinating trousers for your spring work outfits. But the trick in nailing this is all in the sizing. Oversized doesn’t have to mean slouchy. Lean to slightly on the bigger side or go all in with an absolutely supersized blazer to add interest and dimension to your outfit. If you’re heading out for coffee with friends and want to look put together with ease, try out an oversized blazer with a crop top and a pair of Thigh Society shorts. Did you just hop off the spin bike or land a six-figure deal in a boardroom? Who knows.

Maxi skirts


Everyone was talking about the micro-mini skirt last year. And truth be told, they still are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go the totally opposite direction and opt for a ground-grazing maxi skirt instead. Extra-long hemlines were all the rage on the runways, again harkening back to mid-2000s style. The best thing about this trend is it can be dressed up or down, is easy to throw on and you have no chance of exposing your anti-chafing shorts underneath. Maxi skirts are the best transition piece this coming season. Start now by donning a cold-weather-approved ribbed skirt and move into linens and satins as the weather gets warmer.