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Thigh chafing is the worst—here's how to deal with it this summer

Care for Chafed Inner Thighs
TS Blog > Thigh chafing is the worst—here's how to deal with it this summer

Are you walking with confidence? We’re not talking about how well you can walk in your new designer heels (do people even wear heels anymore post-pandemic?).  We’re talking about walking with confidence knowing that even if your thighs are rubbing, you won’t get stuck with an irritating thigh chafe rash. 

With the right prevention (like a pair of anti-chafe shorts), you can walk through life without worrying about thigh chafe ever again. Just imagine what you can accomplish without worrying that you'll need to waddle home like a duck to keep your thighs separated. 

To get this confidence, you need to know more about thigh chafing, what causes it, and how to prevent it. Keep reading to get your answers.

What is thigh chafing?

Thigh chafing is when friction between your inner thighs damages your skin. This friction results in a painful red, blister-like rash between your thighs. It’s a skin condition that doesn’t discriminate and can affect people of any size or measurements. This means that even people with smaller thighs can be affected by this skin condition.

Chafing can be intensified in warm weather from sweating or wearing non-breathable, absorbent fabrics. The best way to avoid this painful skin condition is through prevention and treatment. 

Top 5 ways to prevent thigh chafe

1. Anti-chafing shorts

Anti-chafing shorts may be your best solution because they serve multiple purposes. Not only do good-quality shorts prevent the skin on your thighs from touching and rubbing, but they can also act as modesty coverage under a dress. Well fitting anti-chafing shorts should feel like a second skin and won’t add visible bulk under a slinkier dress. These shorts can wick away moisture and allow your skin to breathe, too.

2. Baby powder

Applying baby powder on your thighs is a good way to absorb the excess moisture that may contribute to chafing. It’s not the most convenient product to apply, and you risk getting powder all over your clothes and causing an embarrassing scene. Also, it needs to be reapplied often to control the moisture. Just be sure you don’t use talcum powder as it may contain asbestos and have cancer-causing ingredients (according to the American Cancer Society). And, it’s not very convenient to apply to your thighs either.

3. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly or vaseline provides excellent skin lubrication and acts as an effective barrier to protect your skin. But this barrier doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and could make thigh chafe worse. This may provide short-term relief but isn’t a good long-term preventative solution. 

4. Deodorant or lip balm (not our fave suggestion)

We’ve heard of people using these products on their thighs to prevent chafing. While people claim deodorant and lip balm work, we’re not a fan of this method because what if you forget which lip balm you used for your legs?  

5. Gels and creams

Your local pharmacy carries chafing-specific lotions, gels, and creams to prevent thigh chafe. While these topical solutions may work for a little while, they often need regular applications throughout the day.

Best way to prevent thigh chafing

The best way to treat thigh chafing is through prevention. We suggest wearing our stretchy-soft anti-chafing shorts every day. These shorts help you walk through the world with comfort and confidence, knowing your thighs are protected from the dreaded chafe. Think of all of the great things you can accomplish when you’re not distracted by chafing!

Not sure which short is good for you? Take our anti-chafing shorts quiz to get started.


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