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Why anti-chafing shorts are a must-have on your wedding day

Chafing under wedding dress
TS Blog > Why anti-chafing shorts are a must-have on your wedding day

You’ve got something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Now you need something to protect your thighs! It’s not a topic you often read about on your fave wedding blog, but chafing thighs on your wedding day is more common than you think. We’re not afraid to talk about the dreaded wedding day thigh chafe (aka chub rub).

We unreservedly recommend protecting your thighs on your wedding day to prevent chafing! They’re the must-have wedding day undergarment that no one talks about. Here are a few reasons why we consider this an essential wedding-day item:

They minimize thigh sweat

Your dress is beautiful but likely not well ventilated! This means you’ll be trapping heat and moisture under your wedding dress. 

When you wear super stretchy, fitted shorts like any of these under your wedding dress, you can stop the chub rub between your thighs. Thigh rubbing protectors, like the anti-chafing shorts from Thigh Society, are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to wick moisture away from your sensitive skin. 

Even if your dress is too tight to breathe in on your wedding day, you can stop worrying that your thighs have no room to breathe. While you can't control your crazy Uncle’s wedding day antics, you can ensure that wedding day sweat doesn't cause irritating thigh chafing.

Your bridesmaids may appreciate them too

Undergarments for chafing thighs aren’t just for the bride. You don’t want your bridesmaids to be worrying about irritation from their thighs rubbing together when they should be enjoying themselves! When your bridal party are wearing shorts under their dresses, it frees everyone up to have a good time and dance the night away.

 If you’re feeling a little spicy, ask your photographer to take a picture of you and your gals lifting your dresses to show off the shorts! If you do, send us a photo as we’d LOVE to see it!) 

Minimize wedding dress malfunctions

Wearing shorts under your wedding dress not only prevents thigh chafe but can provide some modesty coverage too. The last thing you want is to flash your sexy wedding night panty to all your guests if you not-so-gracefully fall on the dance floor. 

Speaking of the wedding night…

While we’re on the topic of your sexy wedding night attire, it would be a disaster if you couldn’t consummate your marriage because your thighs were burning from chub rub! It’s not likely how you planned to spend your first night together as a married couple. 

When you wear stretchy-soft anti-chafe shorts, you get all day thigh rubbing protection so you can enjoy your first night together as a married couple. 

Adding anti-chafing shorts under your wedding dress

Not only do these shorts protect you on your wedding day, but they will also become the multi-use undergarment that you can continue to wear long afterwards. You may never wear your wedding dress again, but the shorts you wear under your dress will become your must-have garment accessory for everyday wear. 

Thigh Society has a whole lineup of anti-chafing shorts that would be perfect under your wedding dress. Most brides love to wear the Cooling shorts under their dress since they’re light-as-air and can actually lower body temperature by up to 1 degree. Which thigh shorts will you pick under your wedding dress?


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