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Thigh Society Travels: Our Team’s Favorite Vacation Destinations

The places we love to visit.

Thigh Society Travels: Our Team’s Favorite Vacation Destinations
TS Blog > Thigh Society Travels: Our Team’s Favorite Vacation Destinations

Summer is the most popular time to travel, so we have vacations on our mind. To get some destination inspiration, we asked the Thigh Society team to share their favorite travel locales around the world. We’re a very international group, so the responses span the entire globe and cover everything from cities to remote islands. Read on to find out our favorite places to travel to.

Vacation Destinations

Marnie Rabinovitch Consky – Founder, CEO and Chief Anti-Chafing Champion 

I don't have a single favorite place to travel to in the world — there are so many! However, I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about my hometown of Montreal in the summer, as that's often when I go back to visit. 

Montreal has a very European vibe and during the summertime, there are so many awesome patios (they call them "terrasses"), events like Grand Prix (great for people watching at night), Piknic Électronik (outdoor dancing) and festivals like Just for Laughs and the Jazz Festival, which is all outdoors with live music in the streets. The city hums with energy and it's just a great vibe.

When you’re there, you have to eat poutine, a dish of fries topped with cheese curds and hot gravy. Try La Banquise or La Belle Province, a fast food chain in Quebec, and order a "steamie" hot dog while you're at it. 

Meaghan Wray

Meaghan Wray – Lead Copywriter

I love traveling the world and exploring new places, but some of my favorite spots to go time and time again are right at home in Ontario, like Sauble Beach and Tobermory.

I often forget about the beauty in my own home province. Going to these places makes me appreciate where I'm from. They're no more than a four-hour drive out of Toronto and it feels like a whole other world — quiet, little traffic, unplugged from tech and super zen.

If you're ever in Tobermory, you have to take the boat ride to Flowerpot Island. It's so beautiful. Hike to the lighthouse, explore the caves, take a picture by the biggest column (it looks like a flower pot!) on the hike back and eat a packed lunch by the turquoise, crystal-clear water. It looks totally tropical!

Natasha Guaiani – Art Director 

Mexico City really surprised me in the best way because it has so much to offer travelers (more than what I knew coming from North America). It's super rich in culture, has a huge art scene and the food is really great with so many options from street food to higher-end restaurants. If you have the means, I loved the experience at Pujol in the Polanco neighborhood — a multiple course meal inspired by local cuisine. If you love art, there’s this amazing market in San Ángel called El Bazar Sábado, and just generally walking around the city is fun because each neighborhood has its own vibe.

Ileana Vathi

Ileana Vathi – Project Manager

I love traveling to Greece because of its beautiful sites, culture and history. You’ll find amazing seafood and meat dishes in almost any restaurant or tavern, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. 

Greece is well known for its ancient history, monuments and landmarks like the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and many more historical places. There are also many museums you can explore in Athens, the capital of Greece. The weather is great and so is the hospitality. If you’re a sun-seeker then you’ll love Greece as it has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers and mild winters. And in terms of hospitality, people here are very friendly —  you need to meet and hang out with locals to have the best Greek experience.

When you’re in Greece, you have to go to the islands. You’ll love the vibe, the people and the amazing beaches and food on the islands, which is tastier than any place in Athens.

Katherine Knight – Growth Marketing

My favorite place to travel to is a nature island in Brazil called Ilha Grande. It’s a two-hour drive and 30-minute boat ride from Rio de Janeiro and showcases Brazilian nature at its finest. If you're a nature lover like me, this island is where it's at. There are over 300 incredible beaches, a lush tropical forest, crystal clear water, hikes, lagoons, snorkeling, surfing, waterfalls and natural swimming pools. The best thing? No cars or roads! Just hiking trails and boat rides. Plus, at night there’s a lively village with excellent food, live music and nightlife. Have I convinced you that Brazil is the best?


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